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The little things we shouldn't forget to pack.

We don't really travel. Any suggestions for off the wall stuff? Obviously extra undies. ;) We are going to Palm Springs, CA.
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Re: The little things we shouldn't forget to pack.

  • Q-tips. Weird, but I always need them when I don't have them.
  • Dental floss.  I always carry it in my purse anyway, does seem strange, but comes in very handy.
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  • I always overpack for tropical vacations and have realized I live in bathing suits and cover ups by day and sundresses (or cocktail dresses if on a cruise) at night. 

    It'll be very hot in Palm Springs, so you're going to want to pack plenty of sunscreen, aloe, and bathing suits. The resort should provide you with pool towels so no need to pack your own towels and take up room in your suitcases.

    ~Bathing suits
    ~Bathing suit cover ups
    ~Aloe (in case you burn anyway)
    ~Magazines/Kindle for the pool
    ~Shorts and tank tops for any excursions
    ~Sneakers in case you want to work out or are going on physical excursions


  • Bandaids.  They work great for covering blisters.
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    For some reason, I can't see all of the other replies. So, I apologize if it's a repeat. Having spent a lot of time in Palm Springs, I recommend lots of sun screen, a light sweater or jacket (the desert gets a lot cooler at night), and good walking shoes.


  • I forgot lotion.  When you're in the sun a lot your skin gets dry and ashy.  You'll need it.
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  • i am also going to pack some tums and pepto in case we need it.  Don't forget any prescriptions that you guys may need to take with you.  I am packing 2 bottles of sunscreen and aloe for our trip b/c I heard it's really expensive in Aruba.  Extra hair ties.
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  • In addition to all the other suggestions:

    a small pair of scissors
    cell phone chargers (I tend to forget this!)
    SPF chapstick: On our Hawaii HM, I put sunscreen everywhere but my lips and they burned! They got red, very sore, and very swollen. It was no fun. Don't forget your lips :)

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    A large trash bag for dirty clothes, that way if you have any clean clothes at the end of your trip you won't have to mix them in with your dirty clothes.

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    [QUOTE]A large trash bag for dirty clothes, that way if you have any clean clothes at the end of your trip you won't have to mix them in with your dirty clothes.
    Posted by Maggie0829[/QUOTE]

    That is a great idea! I always forget about it and then when I am leaving I wish I had brought one... Thanks!


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    Thanks guys! I am adding all this to my list! :D Any more ideas?
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  • Whatever kind of birth control you use, if any. 
    My dad packs coffee grinds when he travels, but he's picky about his coffee.  
    Chargers for electronics
    Extra glasses/contacts
    Something to occupy your time on the plane and in the airport
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  • My FIL suggested we bring another form of identification (like a state ID card) in case our licenses got misplaced or stolen. That way we could still get home. We didn't end up doing this, but it isn't a terrible idea.

    Also, don't forget to call your bank/credit card company and let them know you'll be traveling. We forgot to do this when we were in Hawaii and the first time we tried to charge a large purchase, our card was declined until we called them and told them it was actually us.

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  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    Talk to your OB/GYN about a prescription for antibiotics, to be prepared in the case of unexpected honeymoon cystitis.
  • Definitely dont forget chargers for all thing electronic, cell phones, cameras, laptops, etc.
    Nailclippers, I forgot ours and the first day we were at the resort I broke a fingernail like halfway off and had to go buy a pair at the resort shop for $5
    A light sweater in case it gets cool at night
    lip sunscreen
    More sunscreen then you think you will need
  • I packed dryer sheets to out in with dirty clothes that way when you opened the bag it didn't reek or anything weird lol
  • Hairbrush - always forget mine!
    Ditto the antibiotics - I have a 3 day round in my bag whenever we travel
    Medical records if you have anything weird (I have some issues and have ended up in the ER on trips)
  • mia888mia888 member
    lip balm/sunscreen
    meds for diarrhea - you will never know.
  • RunDogRunDog member
    Allergy medicine! My sinuses always act up when I travel to a different climate because of the dryness, different trees, etc.
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  • Not sure how much you drink seeing as though I dont think you are going to an all inclusive but we are making sure we pack a bubba keg (big insulated cup) so we dont have to make multiple trips to the bar and because they give you drinks in tiney plastic cups that will melt VERY quickly in the heat!

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