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How much length to take off bridesmaid dresses??

Is there a hard and fast rule of how much length is typically removed from long bridesmaids dresses?

My BMs are wearing long, floor length Alfred Angelo dresses and haven't yet had alterations. Should I tell them that the dresses should be 1 inch off of the floor with their shoes on?...or should it be more like 2 inches? I obviously don't want them to be too short. I would love to hear some suggestions of what past brides have done.

Here is a link to the dresses:

Thanks a ton!!

Re: How much length to take off bridesmaid dresses??

  • Hmm... I'm not sure if there's a "rule," but I personally like them to just hit the floor- pretty much how it is in the picture. But, you don't want them to be so long that they trip either! I would definately have them find their shoes first and then maybe a 1/2 inch at the most off of the floor with them on.

    I haven't gotten to this yet, I just got my wedding dress so BM are next :)
  • I'm sure the seamstress will know how long floor length dresses need to be such that they look good but aren't tripping hazards.
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  • I think 1/2 inch or 1 inch is good. Enough to keep them from tripping, but not enough that you can tell much about their shoes.
  • Long gowns (not gowns meant to be ankle length or above) should be 1/2" off the ground with any petticoats/crinolines, etc on)
  • When they stand up straight you should just be able to see the tips of their toes, not their foot. You shouldnt be able to see their shoes at all while standing still. That equates to maybe a 1/2 inch, but a seamstress will know the toe rule :)

    2 inches would be way too short.
  • Leave this to the seamstress.
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