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Venue shopping - longish

My FI and spent Wednesday visiting venues in the Poughkeepsie/Wappingers Falls area. We went to three places, Villa Borghese, Le Chambord and the Poughkeepsie Grand.

We met with Karen at Villa Borghese. I have to say the place is gorgeous, just this side of over the top gaudy. Their packages are resonable. However, what really put me off the place was Karen herself. Rather than selling the wonderful place she had, she kept bashing all the other places in the area. She also couldn't take hints. While we were going through their brochure, she was literarally reading it to us, while stopping to tell us more stories about horrible weddings she'd been to at other places. My mom and I kept turn the pages of the brochure and looking at our watches, hoping she would take the hint and move on and she didn't. All in all, she was very off-putting and we nixed Villa Borghese from the list as soon as we left. That was a bit disappointing, since it looked like such a nice place.

At Le Chambord, we met with Roy. The place is nice and I could especially see a beautiful vintage wedding happening here. They only do one wedding a day and their room prices are very reasonable.  I did have a few reservations about my wedding being coordinated by two guys named Roy and Antonio. We ended up not booking with them because the date we wanted was booked and our alternate date was $10 more a head, which made the package not as good a deal.

Michelle at the Poughkeepsie Grand was very nice, just kept pointing out all the good things they could do for us. The hotel is beautiful and the Terrace Ballroom is so not hotel-y. The little terrace garden they have is so lovely. We've booked there and we're so happy about it.

My mom and I also went to the Town Shop to look at dresses. Justine was really nice and kept picking the more beautiful dresses. I ended up getting a gorgeous Maggie Sottero and I'll be going back with my bridesmaids to get their dresses as well.
Edit: Apparently, my Maggie is called Kadence.

Re: Venue shopping - longish

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    Congrats on booking the venue and finding a dress.
    We had our wedding at the Pok Grand (Terrace room) and Michele was our contact.  You will not be dissapointed. I can't tell you enough how great they were to work with, how fantastic the food tasted, how much food there was and just overall how awesome our wedding was.  My cousin is getting married next year and her FI keeps mentioning our food and how good it was and how he wants a similar wedding.   

    I also got my dress at Town Shop.  Again, they were great to work with, my dress fit like a glove and it was just a wonderful experience, start to finish.

    Happy Planning! 

  • carolsdaycarolsday member
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    Congratualtions !!!  how happy you must be to check taht off your list  :)
    Happy Planning!!
  • kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    Congratulations on booking your venue and finding a dress! Which Maggie did you get?
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    Congrats on booking! We are getting married at the Grandview and staying at the Grand hotel. I think we are going to take some photos in the hotel's garden so its great to hear that you liked it!
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    Congrats on the checks!
  • wdubin122wdubin122 member
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    Congratulations on the two big checks.  I recently booked my venue and ordered my dress (Town Shop as well) and it is a big weight off my shoulders.
  • timelady77timelady77 member
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    I'm not sure. The number is J1192, not sure if it has a name also. All her other dresses seem to, so I can't believe I bought the only one without a name. :-)
  • timelady77timelady77 member
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    Oh, the garden was pretty much the thing that finally sold me on the place. It's this lovely little oasis in the middle of Poughkeepsie.
  • ssagessage member
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    I too got my dress at the Town Shop and had a great experience...their alterations dept is amazing.  My girls also got their dresses there but had them altered in other places due to their locations.
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    I am having my reception in May at the Grand in the Terrace ballroom, it's great! I am working with Rachel - she has been wonderul. I also got my dress from the Town Shop and worked with Justine - she saved the day! I got a Maggie Sottero too, love it! Congrats! Smile
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    In Response to Re: Venue shopping - longish:
    [QUOTE]I'm not sure. The number is J1192, not sure if it has a name also. All her other dresses seem to, so I can't believe I bought the only one without a name. :-)
    Posted by timelady77[/QUOTE]

    Is this your dress?

    It's called Kadence - VERY PRETTY!
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