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Rhode Island

Federal Reserve

Hi ladies,
I'm new to the board, this is my first post. My cousin is getting married next year and she has asked me to help her find a venue. Does anyone have any feedback on weddings at Federal Reserve in Providence?  Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated! :)

Re: Federal Reserve

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    I went to an event at the Federal Reserve and I didn't like it at all.  Sorry.  I thought the layout of the room was incredibly awkward. The room downstairs is shaped like a large   "U" almost - it makes it very difficult to see what is happening on the other end of the room b/c of the turns.  It is also best suited for a small function, when it is filled to capacity, the tables have literally not 2 inches between them to move.  It was very uncomfortable. 

    The food was ok not good or bad. 

    If the wedding is small (80 people) it would probably be fine, any more than that and it's a mess.

    Is she looking anywhere else?  Strictly downtown Providence? 

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    We visited and I didn't like it either.  Same issues with the layout.  They suggest seating some people upstairs and some downstairs.  Um, NO!  If it's a smaller crowd, you could do your cocktail hour upstairs, then have the reception downstairs.  But the eating is on one side and the dancing is on the other.  So if you don't want to dance you are far away from the dance floor.

    You have to use their sister restaurant and if you want to try their food, you have to go to their restaurant for dinner and pay (so basically you get no tasting).  Sorry, but I wasn't about to plop down thousands of dollars and then pay to try the food. 

    The bridal suite is pretty cool.  It's an old vault.  (Since the building is an old bank.)

    For parking, there is no lot.  You can do valet, but it will cost you!  Parking in Providence can be a nightmare. 

    Overall, we were NOT thrilled with the place.  We ended up at Roger Williams Park Casino and LOVED it.  Our other options were the Biltmore and the Crowne Plaza. 
  • hollygb22hollygb22 member
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    we toured it as well.

    if you have a small wedding--maybe 100 or under, i think it might work.

    But our numbers were higher. It's beautiful inside but it's U-shaped. So, with bigger #'s half the wedding isn't going to see what's happening.

    I didn't like the deal with parking--i forgot specifically what my problem with it was, maybe they didn't offer a valet or we had to pay for a parking person and the valet service..i don't remember
  • jcorvesejcorvese member
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    HI! this is my first time posting and I felt excited that I knew the answer to your question!!

    So I have been dying to tour the Federal Reserve..and I have called at least 7 times.
    Well today, I got in touch FINALLY. The woman who answered said her boss told her to let all wedding calls go to voicemail, but she said she felt rude, she had a ton of people calling and didnt want to just ignore them.

    They are Relocating and won't be doing any wedidngs until 2013.
    Someone offered a higher place on the lease  and they ar ecurrently looking for somewhere in providence to relocate--and will reopen in the next two years--but the woman sdaid everything was up in the air.

    I was really disappointed-- I heard about the poor layout, but the room is so incredibly beautiful and you can't find another venue like that in Prov.

    I was super upset--
  • solynyksolynyk member
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    That is such sad news! I just had my wedding there on 5/22 with no complaints at all. It was everything I hoped it would be, and they were a pleasure to work with. The food was amazing, and we had no issues with the layout at all for a 115 person event.
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