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Do you have any preparations in case it rains on your wedding day? besides praying? lol

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    [QUOTE]Do you have any preparations in case it rains on your wedding day? besides praying? lol
    Posted by AngB1230[/QUOTE]

    our venue puts up a tent in the event of rain.  If there is horrible weather they move to an indoor space.
  • Our venue has a plan B. if it rains the ceremony is moved under a covered portion of the deck. You need a plan B.

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  • We don't have a rain plan...  but, in the bay area in California... the chances of rain in September are pretty low.  I lived in Pittsburgh for 8 years...  if I were you, I'd have a rain plan.  You never know when the sky will open up there!
  • Our venue has a permanent tent that they use as a Plan B.  I feel better knowing they have a rain plan.
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  • We would have moved everything inside if it had rained. It would have completely changed the vibe of the wedding, but at least everyone would stay dry. No one really seems to live their Plan B, but you really do need one.
  • Love their plan B, is what I meant. Stupid TK mobile.
  • Our venue had an indoor option if the weather had been bad.
  • We have a covered shelter in the park in case of rain, and FI's family's church is reserved if the weather is really bad.
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  • maybe i should reserve a church just in case.....although it will look kind of silly with all our ren faire attire lol!
  • Nope, no rain plan, and EVERYTHING we're doing is outdoors! Although, up here in Northern Cali our avg. July rainfall is 0.1", our driest month of the year, every year. So I think I'm good without one. 
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  • Ours has a tent covering the deck.  I am hoping for sunny day  but in New England who knows it could be a hurriane here or sunny and 85.
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  • With it being August, I am hoping for and expecting a sunny day. BUT with it being Michigan, I am planning for rain. The venue has a back up tent and and indoor ballroom in the horrible event of rain.

    Regardless of the weather, we are not going to let it ruin the day! I am marrying my best friend, rain or shine, and that is all that matters to me!
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  • I booked a tent for shade from the sun and for peace of mind about rain. I was not going to take a chance with Mother Nature and her wrath.
  • We are getting a tent just to keep the shade. Our plan is have tables all set up under the tent for ceremony and reception (all of which are in the same place my aunt's backyard). As my bethrothed said "Our wedding is more golden globe not really oscar style" So I'm hoping the rain stays away. I even looked up the farmer's almanac when choosing our wedding day.
  • Our venue is a covered shelter house - so unless it rains sideways, we should be ok.  I'm almost more worried about wind and temperatures, but like someone else said, I'm not going to let the weather ruin our day.  We haven't booked our venue because we can't until this Sept (a year in advance) but I think thats the route we're going to take unless something else knocks our socks off.

  • My wedding was on a historic farm and even though we reeeeeeaaaaally wanted to hold both ceremony and reception outside (gorgeous scenery!), we had the barn as a backup in case of bad weather.
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  • I actually like our plan B, there's a gazebo inside the Sheraton I'm having my ceremony and reception at. So if I can't use the courtyard I'm getting married in an indoor gazebo, how cool is that?!
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  • You could rent a clear tent. If it does rain, your outdoor wedding plans are a little upset, but the clear tent makes it almost as pretty. How big of a tent, based on the amount of people, will determine the price - but that's what my plan B is!
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