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Weekend plans?

What is everyone up to this weekend? Ringing in the new year with some fun??

I have a short day at work today then I am meeting one of my bridesmaids for lunch. I can't wait to catch up!

FI and I both have the weekend off!! This hasn't happened in a LONG time. We are going over to a couple's house from church for NYE.

Church on sunday and cooking for the upcoming week.
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Re: Weekend plans?

  • I'm so thankful for the 3 day weekend! I'm still fried from traveling last week and jumping back into work this week.

    We're dog-sitting for our neighbors since they watched our dog while we were away last week. They have the cutest Boston Terriers! Tonight, I'm hoping to relax since I'm so tired.

    Tomorrow, a bunch of us have a VIP table at a place downtown so I bought a new dress and am ready to celebrate. I assume this will be our last year where we go out big on New Years because we'll either be starting our family, or we'll do more of the relax at home with a few friends or have people over for a NYE party. I'm not big in going out on New Years, but we're still new to the area so we weren't going to turn down an invite to have fun.

    Sunday, I told DH I'd like to go to the movies and finally see the Muppets! I've been wanting to see that since it came out. Super excited! My aunt and my cousin will also be in town for a soccer tournament, so I'm hoping we'll get to see them since we didn't see them in CT when we were home for Christmas.
  • We are celebrating Christmas with my side of the family tomorrow after DH works 6-12 so I doubt we'll be staying up for New Year's.  I'm hoping to do something to celebrate my new job (which I start on Tuesday) at some point this weekend.  Maybe go out for a nice dinner.

    Kate - mahna mahna  (the movie's great!)

  • 4 quiet dinners at home! I'm not a big going-out person and was glad it wasn't too hard to convince my future husband that we could celebrate quietly and safely at home with a special dinner, rather than a big, loud party.

    I'm gunning for matzah ball soup tonight.
    Tomorrow's (12/31) menu is chocolate pound cake, twice-baked potatoes with blue cheese, and lamb chops. We also discussed asparagus and broiled liver. He'll probably jump at my offer to make bisquits. The cake, potatoes, and lamb are all new recipes, so it could be a disaster, but not as much of a disaster as getting stuck downtown amidst a bunch of loud drunks.
    [We're both ethnically Jewish, thus the matzah ball soup and broiled liver as comfort foods]
    Just church planned for Sunday so far.
    We have our third pre-marital counseling session set up for Monday. The photographer might drop in to tour the church to get a sense of the lighting and where he's allowed to stand.

    Other plans for the weekend: sleep, cleaning, gym
  • I'm looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend. :)

    Tonight we are going to BIL's to watch the UFC fight and have a surprise celebration for his birthday.

    For tomorrow, I'm planning a fondue dinner and sparkling cider for just DH and I. We'll also probably make our gingerbread house before it gets forgotten. ;)

  • Today I went to school and did some work...just like everyday this week.  Vacation?  What vacation?!

    Sat H has to work, so we're going to have a tech meeting before he goes to work (gotta love living with your master carpenter!) and then I'll head to my parents' house for NYE with my mom, dad, and my dad's best friend, whom I've known my whole life; they've been friends for more than 50 years!

    Sunday I have weight watchers in the morning and I'm not sure what I'll do in the afternoon.  H has to work again, so it'll be just me and the dogs.
  • Getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Faith, where's the like button when I need it?!  So excited for you!!
  • I'm working from 12 to 5 today. :/ Who will be at a library on New Years? Just seems silly! And then H and I are hanging out just the two of us tonight.
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  • For New Year's we're making homemade chicken parm together then going out with friends to a club.... FI's best friend is the DJ so it'll be fun.

    Tomorrow is church and bowling with my parents and FI.
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