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Name Change

Hi Ladies!!! All married and honeymooned now. It was amazing!  I will do vendor write ups shortly.   Any one have any advice on what to do with name changing?  Any helpful hints or lists?  Any bit will help!! Thanks!

Re: Name Change

  • Start at Social Security Office then DMV. I made a list and checked it all off as I went. Still finding things here and there I forgot. In the mean time I carry both my old and new license incsae something pops up with my old name.
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  • degreadegrea member
    I didn't change my name but like she said, SS Office- bring certificate with you and than DMV. Than I would go threw my wallet and change every CC, membership, etc. Also don't forget employer/health insurance/401K, etc.  O and you don't have to change your passport if when you make your resevation you use the name on your passport, aka maiden name.
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