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Worried about Beading on the dress iterating under my arms

I am feel so much better about the whole gown shopping thing, since I last posed about my experience… taking a week off and positive feed back does wonders… I decided I am going to go with an AA dress I am down to 3… I have a concern with one of them – I love the snow white #207 gown – but the cute cherry blossoms that I love  bothered my arm even when I was trying it on – I called and talked to one of the consultants and it seem to be a common issue – he did not think removing some of the beading was a good idea thought it would look strange when dancing but did suggest covering it is some kind of shear fabric – this I thought would look funny – he also said some ladies use some sort of blister cream under so it does not rub – I am thinking this is not the dress for me even if I love how it looks…  has anyone else tried this one on?   I might go with the Cinderella 205 – ivory sparkly skirt and change the back to a corset  besides being nice and soft it is $150 less….

I am mostly vented but any thoughts?

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Re: Worried about Beading on the dress iterating under my arms

  • I wouldn't go with anything that is already hurting you or bothering you. If it's uncomfortable now image after wearing it for hours how it will feel. I would look at other dresses and re evaluate.
  • Agreed with PP - if it is irratating when trying it on it's going to cause problems when you get hot and sweaty dancing around all night!

    I loved how some lace dresses I tried on looked, except for the minute they were on I felt extremely itchy and uncomfortable! Go with your gut.
  • I agree as well. If its bothering you now, it more than likely will on your wedding, and any discomfort will translate into your pictures. There really are so many different options of dresses out there, I know you will find one that not only looks beautiful, but will make you feel beautiful as well.
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  • I'd definitely go with a different dress for the reasons PPs already said. 
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  • This happened to my cousin - - she had beading on her dress and by the end of the evening her underarms were bright red and almost bleeding!  She said it was the biggest regret of her wedding and that if she could do it over again, she would have picked a different dress.  
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  • My sister had the same issue with her dress.  She had the seamstress add some organza fabric over the beading and she said it helped...but it was still mildly irritating.  She is not plus size either....so I don't think it's just a fluffy princess problem. Nobody noticed it tho.  You gotta figure your arms will cover the fabric.

    Either you love the dress and details enough to be a little uncomfortable....or you don't.  I had said something to her about getting a different dress when they were discussing adding the organza and she just stared back blankly....she LOVED her dress and not wearing it due to some irritations was not an option for her.

    If you LOVE the dress...I say go for it.  If you are not in love with your dress....I say look for something different.
  • as everyone eles said if you cant stand to try it on then dont buy it. the bigger the beading is the better. mine has large beads on it and it dosent hurt me
  • Thank you ladies! more and more i am leaning to the cumfy simple gown and it is a good feeling - cant wait untill my search is over!
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