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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

I miss our wedding!

We've been married for almost a month now and I feel kind of sad the wedding is over. It was so fun to plan and look forward to. I loved wedding planning. It was so much fun for me and FI and even for our family and friends. And the day itself was so awesomely perfect. I feel like I don't know what to do with myself now. We aren't buying a house until next year so not really much to do there. Neither of us want kids. What's next? I miss my wedding planning!
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Re: I miss our wedding!

  • Try to find something else that interests you. We're not planning on buying a house until next year either and aren't planning on kids. I'm concentrating on cooking more, keeping the apartment cleaner, will start to study Japanese soon. Things like that.
  • My wedding was 3 months ago and I still miss mine too. I knew I was going to miss wedding planning because I loved it so much. I miss having something to look forward to and I also really miss all of the time I spent with my mom during wedding planning. We are really close and we saw each other at least once a week often more to do wedding related stuff, but we don't see each other as much now as we did then. I decided that I needed to do something to combat the postwedding blues, so I decided to join the Junior League in my area, which is an organization that does a lot of volunteering in the community. I'm hoping that will give me something constructive to do with my time.
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  • My wedding is next July and I already know I am going to miss it. I am living apart from my fiance due to work but after we are married I will be able to live with him at the Private School he works at so that will be good for me.

    I agree with PP get yourself into good cooking habits and get better at cooking. That is something I am working on pre wedding because I can't cook I acan only bake and FI doesnt like anything sweet. Haha.
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  • We just bought a house so we are busy with that, but right after our wedding (July 2011) we tried to find other new things to do together. We worked out together on occasion, went hiking, we both invested in bikes so we could take nice, long bike rides on weekends, etc. We also found some new TV shows that neither of us had seen before and started Netflixing old episodes, so we had something we looked forward to doing together in the evenings after work.

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  • Im in the midst of post wedding blues, but mostly from the fun of the weekend... The looking forward to, etc, and excitement that led up to that amazing day, and then WHAM, reality check to the face.... SO wish we had been able to go away after... now I am just feeling lost... (Wedding was last week... one week ago at this moment I was partying with all my dearest friends and family.... miss them now more than ever...)
  • Try to new hobbies together and apart. Hiking, Cooking, Home renos. Get together with friends for "game night" Go to the movies, bike rides, plan a camping trip, get wedding photos framed & hang them up in your home.

  • Agree with all of these things. You've spent so long planning and being a 'bride', it's perfectly normal to think, "now what?"

    Now, you get to establish yourselves as a married couple. Find hobbies that work for both of you - together and apart. Maybe work towards planning a trip - sometimes it doesn't matter what you're planning, the planning itself is what you're craving. Even, like PPs said, planning something as simple as a games night or a fancy dinner.

    If you're social people, why not start hosting dinner parties? A friend of mine did this when she was a newlywed, before they had children. She and her friends formed a dinner club - like a book club without the books. Every month a different person hosted and had a different theme. They loved it, and got to try lots of new foods.
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