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has anyone planned a Disney honeymoon?

we have decided on going to disney world for our honeymoon!! we are so excited, and i can't wait to start planning.  i was just curious if anyone has planned a disney honeymoon and has any tips/advice.  we are definitely going to be on a buget, but still want to make the most of it!!  Thanks :)

Re: has anyone planned a Disney honeymoon?

  • Disney is GREAT....DH and I have went there several times before we had children.How much is your budget?
    I would suggest staying in the park....there are many options for your different budgets. I would suggest looking for a moderate hotel though, the budget ones are really small rooms and very large. There are going to be more children at those as well.
    I would do all the parks....and depending on what time of year, don't forget there is the water parks.
    You can do a food plan as well,....do this becuase you can save a lot of money here to.
    Good luck
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  • We're going to Disney World for our honeymoon as well!  121 days to go! 

    I would recommend staying on property.  The hotel costs a little higher, but with the perks it pretty much comes out in the wash--free transportation, including airport pick-up, extra hours in the park, etc.  We're also looking to keep our honeymoon as hassle-free as possible, and not having to worry with rental cars, parking, and whatnot will go a long way in keeping things simple. 

    One thing we did was apply for the Disney credit card--six months no-interest financing helps a lot! 

    Oh, and make sure everyone knows it's your honeymoon--you can add a notation of this on all your lodging and dining reservations, and also get a special pin to wear.   Not that it guarantees anything, but I've read of a lot of people getting free drinks/desserts or special tables because of this. 
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  • OP, what are you really interested in at Disney? 

    If you want to go go go and spend lots of time in the parks, I would suggest getting Park Hopper tickets. This will let you go to multiple parks in the same day. So if you really want to power through the parks, you could get up early for "Extra Magic Hours" (only available if you stay on Disney property) at Epcot. Stay at Epcot through noon time, then head over to Hollywood Studios for the rest of the night. 

    If you want a more relaxed vacation, the Park Hopper might not be necessary for you. Instead, you could just slowly make your way around each park each day. If you run out of things to do (highly unlikely anywhere except maybe Animal Kingdom), you can head back to the resort for swimming and relaxing. 

    I also agree with PP that you should mention your honeymoon every chance you get. I went for my birthday and wore their birthday pin, and everyone was telling me happy birthday- it was so great! I also got some free desserts and the table was decorated for dinner one night. Disney wont promise anything (if they're super busy, they might not be able to put in the extra effort) but it's always nice to have an unexpected surprise! 
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    Definitely stay on property.  There are hotels at every major price point.  If you can't afford a deluxe resort for your entire trip consider doing a split stay.

    Check Disney's website to see what specials they have going on.   You might be able to get a discounted room or free dining plan. 

    I personally wouldn't pay out of pocket for the dining plan, but there are others who will tell you that it's the best thing since sliced bread.  It depends on what type pf experience you want.

    I see your wedding is in November of 2013.  2013 packages can't be booked yet, but should be available for booking sometime soon.  There won't be deals for that far out, but if you see a deal that matches your travel dates, you can have it added to your package.

    The beginning of November is also during the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, so you'll want to get your packaged reserved ASAP once the rates come out if you want to be in one of the Epcot resorts.  If you book a package (room & tickets) it won't have to be paid in full until 45 days before the trip.

    Dining reservations can be booked 180 days out from your trip, so if there's a particular restaurant you want to eat at (Le Cellier in Canada at Epcot is extremely popular), make sure you book it as soon as your window opens up.

    Make sure you note that it's your honeymoon in every reservation you make.
  • FI and I went to Disney right after we got engaged and had such a good time we are going again for our honeymoon (well, that and some circumstances with limited vacation time for my FI, lol).

    Let me say the same things everyone else is saying:

    Park Hopper passes are totally worth it since you aren't locked into one park a day.

    Stay on the property (there are a lot of price options), extra magic hours (especially the night ones) are so awesome!

    The meal plan is great if you are one that likes to pay for everything ahead of time.  We prefer the deluxe plan because we like to do a 1 credit sit-down breakfast and a 2 credit dinner at a signature restaurant.  If we are hungry mid-day, we can use our snack credits!

    We stayed at Yacht Club after our engagement, and are staying at Boardwalk for our honeymoon.  We didn't exactly do either trip on a budget (In-laws are paying for the honeymoon and told us that AFTER we made the reservations, so there wasn't any guilt since they knew what they were getting into).
  • this is amazing. my fi and i are planning a week long honeymoon. but we wanted to have some only time as well. since we are going in the summer do you think that will be possible? or should we get a rental house then just visit disney and universal? need help planning, any suggestions for us?
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