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Hiring a friend to take our photos

We've decided to hire a friend of ours who is a photojournalist but also does wedding photography on the side. The quality of her work isn't in question, we know she's the best.

The problem is she's said she would like for us to figure out what we will pay her- that's she's done this for friends in the past and let them set the cost. Her website doesn't provide any cost information, and we have no idea where to start! We don't want to offend her by low balling it, but we are on a crunched budget and don't want to overpay.

We are looking for a good baseline for the cost of a single photographer, 4-5 hours, and pics edited and on a DVD, no prints.


Re: Hiring a friend to take our photos

  • It's difficult to say without seeing her work/what sort of skill she has. Feel free to PM me a link to her site if you'd like some more guidance! I will say that 100%, friend or not, please make sure you have a contract outlining expectations. There are dozens and dozens of horror stories on these boards about people who went with friends and things just went wrong so be sure you have a contract to protect both of you (and your friendship!)
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    The average for wedding photography is $2,000 to $3,000. The average in relatively expensive LA is probably closer to $4,000. 5 hours is short, though. Usually it's 8 to 10 hours.

    We looked in the Bay Area at 8+ hour shoots, with 1 or 2 photographers, rights to all the photos, and ignored considerations regarding albums. Our quotes ranged from $1,000 to $10,000. Hourly rates were $125-$200, I think.

    Go on yelp and find a photographer in LA offering a similar package to your friend's, with the price stated. Better yet, find a few, and take the average. Whether you then cut that by some percentage is up to you.
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