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Peoria June Wedding Trolley & Photo Booth?

Hello! Just seeing if there is anyone from the Peoria area on here!

We are getting married in Morton and considering renting a trolley ( but we wouldn't use the basic 3 hour minimum charge. Is it worth it? Has anyone else ever been in this situation?

Also, if you are from Peoria have you ever rented a photo booth? How did you like it & who would you suggest?

Thanks in advance! 

Re: Peoria June Wedding Trolley & Photo Booth?

  • We aren't using a trolley, and I don't know if this is true of all companies, but I've heard of quite a few (at least 4) trolleys breaking down at some point on the wedding day. I know a good friend of mine's sister used one, and it wouldn't start up, then when it finally did it stalled on the road. They ended up being about 30 minutes late to the reception. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine, and others stories I've heard secondhand. This was all in Peoria. Personally, if I'm spending money on transportation I want it to be something that isn't so old and prone to breaking down. These could all have been isolated, but I mean trolleys aren't exactly brand new vehicles, ya know?
  • I'm curious - did you end up renting the trolley?
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