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number of slices vs number of guests

This may be a silly question but is it necessary when ordering a cake by slice to order enough for every person at the weeding? Our estimated number of guests is 250, we are doing a wedding cake and a groom's cake. So now i am trying to figure out what size cake to get for the wedding cake...I guess I am just curious to see what everyone else is doing.

Re: number of slices vs number of guests

  • edited December 2011
    I would be so PO'd if I didn't get cake!!!  I LOVE cake and if enough was available, have a piece in every flavor offered!!  Which is why for my wedding we'll definitly be ordering more than the number of guests.  I've got to have leftovers for the rest of the week!!! :-D
  • I have a sweet tooth and have never eaten a piece of cake at a wedding.  A lot of people in my family, mostly men, also do not eat desserts and will be too busy drinking and dancing.  I think we are going to error on the conservative side in sizing the cake, getting close to final number of guests but not having too much extra.  I don't want to have extra to pack up or deal with giving it away at the end of the night. 
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