Wedding Woes

He's 34 not 4

Next week is DH's bday.  MIL wants to come over one day to take DH to lunch and see the kids.  Next week is kind of crappy for us so DH suggested the following week.  She just called (knowing DH isn't home) and asked if she could come next week (knowing he already said come the next week).  She's all disappointed she can't be here on his bday. 

Our schedule next week- Sunday drive to 3 hrs to Cinci for 1st Communion then 2 hrs to my parents.  Monday afternoon drive 1.5 hrs home.  Wed. DH has a 16 hr day scheduled.  Thursday my brother is coming to visit.  Saturday drive 1 hr to another 1st Communion and then home. 

HE'S 34 YEARS OLD.  GET OVER IT.  andplusalso HE WILL BE WITH FAMILY, JUST NOT HER.  Last I checked we count as a family.

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