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Hey Pretty Ladies,

Sorry, I've been MIA.  We have been pretty busy with two out of town weddings.  We have one more wedding to attend before OUR wedding.


 I have a question about the next up coming wedding.  We will be traveling 13 hrs for this one, so it is a trip.  But, I'm excited because it is in a city we have never been to.  I am apart of the bridal party, so we are expected to be there by Friday night (the wedding is on Sunday).  


Problem is the hotel the bride did room blocks for is a bit out of our price range.  I'm fine staying there for one night, but staying there for 3 nights will put is at around $350... and this does not include the $20 a day for parking.   


Would it be rude to stay at a different hotel than the one she chose?   I will be staying with her the night before her wedding in the bridal suite.  However, I think it is silly for my FI to be staying the night alone in a $120 hotel room.  


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Re: Rude?

  • I don't think it's rude at all.  As long as you're able to attend all the events with no problem, there shouldn't be any issue.
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  • I agree that it wouldn't be rude.
  • You should stay somewhere in your budget as long as you are close to where you need to be.  I can't figure out why you have to be there on Friday for a Sunday wedding though!   Can't you just come in Saturday morning and pay for only Sat & Sun?
  • It's definitely not rude. You should stay wherever you can afford to stay. 
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  • I don't think it is rude at all.  You should stay somewhere that is within your budget. 
    I did noticed when booking a block of rooms for my wedding the price was still higher than on expedia.com. You may be able to find the same hotel on one of the discount sites and save a bunch.  This way you could still be in the same hotel.  Just a thought.
  • No, you have to do what is financially best.
  • Thanks for your input ladies.  I think we will be staying at a more affordable hotel :)
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  • I would definitely tell her ahead of time, though.  Reassure her that you will allow yourself plenty of time to make it to required events and that she will have your # and can call whenever you want.  I'd try to stay in the same area, just so you don't have to fight traffic and risk being late for something.  $120 a night is dirt cheap for a room where I'm from, but if it's out of your budget, then you do what you have to do.  Just make sure you're on time for everything and leave extra time for traveling in case you get lost, can't find parking, etc.

    A room block doesn't mean you can't go anywhere else.  I hardly ever use the room blocks because I can usually find something cheaper on my own.
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