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Help with Tipping!?

I know we are supposed to tip the m.d and the bridal assistant at the reception. Any thoughts on what a resonable tip is for them.. i hear $100-$300??

But now I'm confused as to which vendors we are to tip since all of them are the owners of their businesses. Photography, DJ and Videographer.... all the owners.  I know that both the photographer and the videographer will each have an assistant. Do they get a tip? The DJ will have a total of 4 people inculding the owner... do I tip them?

Florist is taken care of.. hair and makeup all set as well. Limo - tip is included.

Did i miss anyone...

Re: Help with Tipping!?

  • bridaljoybridaljoy member
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    edited December 2011
    On the contract with your venue it usually gives a range of a percentage you have to tip, i.e. 3-5%.   

    All of my vendors owned their own business but I still tipped them if I was happy with their work. 
  • carolsdaycarolsday member
    edited December 2011
    As far as the venue , i think bridaljoy is right , check the contract for the matre d' it is usually on there.
    As far as the bridal attendant , depending on how much they are invloved i would tip $100 to $300.
  • edited December 2011
    From a bride to be and fiance of a DJ....owners generally dont get a tip bc they get all your money anyway....BUT if you are REALLY impressed then go ahead...even $20.  As far as a tip for an asist., he does alot for not much pay (when my fiance assist his friend he only makes $150 for the whole night!!  Anything extas is good...an avg of what we see is $50.
    Hope this helps.
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