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How soon into planning did you ask for proposals?

We are on a budget (who isn't?!) and want to have the best information possible before making any decisions.  I feel like a bit of a jerk though, asking people to write up proposals for us knowing that we may not choose their venue.

Tell me to get over it and that they are just doing their job.  Smile

Re: How soon into planning did you ask for proposals?

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    Get over, they are just doing their jobs :)

    No really though, don't feel bad. Venues expect to provide that so you have the most accurate information in the hopes that you will see everything they offer! Plus, they don't know you may not choose them, so they just think they are providing a potential customer a quote!
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    They have to earn your business.  They have every right to compete for it, as much as you do in choosing which company you will use.  Let them know what your criteria are, hot buttons, etc. so that they can cater it to your needs, and you get what you want.  They're not dumb.  They know how it works.  That's why it's called a proposal, or a quote.

    I told vendors my wedding size, what was important and really mattered to me, like cost, quality, creativity.  In the end, they'll know why they weren't chosen if they didn't line up with your needs.  Nothing wrong with that.  It's business.
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    Don't feel bad!  We did everything a year in advance.  We met with 2 venues, 4 photographers, and 2 florists and asked for proposals and preview contracts from all of them.  I'm so glad we did that because it really helped us make our choices.  Some of them we just didn't "click" with.
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