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Hey Everyone!
I'm recently engaged and just starting to look at churches/venues.  We're thinking about the Monterey/Carmel area, but think it may be too expensive.  Can anyone, that doesn't mind talking money, give me a ballpark figure what they spent on a Monterey/Carmel wedding? Thanks!

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    I'm getting married in Santa Cruz for about $10k :) See my bio for info and ideas... my budget is lower than average but we're getting exactly what we want.
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    Welcome to the board and congratulations on your engagement!

    I'm no help on this topic, not in there area and spending way too much money. :/

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    i recommend going to as many places as you can.

    i am not in that area, but i never would have found my venue if i hadn't been giving everything a personal visit. i saw a few WAY too expensive places, but i'm so happy i found mine, it was very nicely within budget!
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    I'm getting married in Seaside, which is right outside of Monterey (like only 5 mintues) We are on a 10K budget and most of the places we looked at we couldn't afford because of the food, $80-90 a plate! Depending on how many people your inviting it may be doable, we are guessing 80 of our guests will be able to make it and that put us at 3/4 of our budget just for food at these places.
    my wedding is still a year away so I haven't done much planning but we did find a place with reasonable food prices $30/plate and are getting flowers and decorations from somebody in the San Jose area for about $1000 (We have a big wedding party and family members so lots of flowers)
    My advice is to look look and look somemore. The internet and email has been my best friend and don't be afraid to talk to people out of the area cause it may be cheaper to just have them come in to the area.
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    Hi!  I'm also getting married in Monterey.  I'm on a fairly low budget (considering the size...our families are huge) for a wedding !  We found the memory garden near the wharf, and as soon as i saw it I loved it.

    I am a photographer on the side and as soon as i saw it i knew it would make the most beautiful pictures.  This place is amazing because it's low budget, and you can bring your own food (so maybe a potluck?  we've toyed with the idea of a taco truck hahaha) and alcohol (alcohol servers have to be insured, but we're finding ones where you can purchase all the alcohol and you just pay for their time).

    I'm still in the beggining of planning, but I'm hoping to do 250-300 people for 20K (but it might have to increase b/c we have so many people, and we are hoping to add some more elements that aren't a absolute need).  I'm doing a lot of things DIY, i'm not sure if this is the range you were looking at, but something to consider.

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    check out Pajaro Dunes. It's just south of watsonville area. You can have beach photos since it's just over the dune from where your ceremony/reception is. They have 4 buildings and they run from 1300-2700 and they are willing to work with your budget... also, it's in a vacation rental *community* so you could stay very closeby! They also take care of liquoir lisence and insurance!! You have the plac pretty much 10am-10pm also!
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