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last stretch help

Hi all! I'm close to my goal weight, but I'm really struggling to lose this tummy flab. I'd really like to lose about 3 inches in the next 4 weeks. I count my calories (typically 1200/day...no worries, I'm only 5'0" so it's enough). I do cardio and resistance training (weights/ab machines) 4-5 days/week. I feel like I'm just stuck here, like I've plateaud (sp?). I feel like part of the problem is that I'm eating too many carbs. Any ideas for low-carb or carb-free breakfasts? Eggs make me gaggy. Or any other ideas on how to lose this tummy flab quicker?

Re: last stretch help

  • The short easy answer is to tone what you have & burn the fat off the top of it so you can see the toned muscle underneath...

    Easier said than done though!

    Are you NETTING 1200 cals a day, or is that all you take in even after you exercise?  Honestly, it might not be enough to keep your metabolism burning at the highest possible rate.

    As for low-carb... focus on GOOD carbs (whole grains, veggies & fruits, sweet potatoes, etc) and make sure you get a good amount of lean protein as well.  Fish, chicken, hummus, reduced fat dairy, nuts, greek yogurt.

    Also, change up your workouts.  If you've been doing spin class 3 times a week for the last year, try a zumba class or step class as a change of pace.  Been using weight machines forever?  Try free weights or a resistance class.

  • You don't mean carbs. Carbs are things like bread, sure, but it also includes fruits and veggies. You mean you are eating too many GRAINS. 
    Carbs are a great thing. 

    Breakfast-wise try... 
    Oatmeal. This is a GREAT carb that is a huge filler. To avoid putting a bunch of crap on it that makes it less than healthful (ie, brown sugar, jelly, etc) mix in cinnamon. Cinnamon is a rockstar for your bod and at the price tag of zero calories. 

    Greek nonfat yogurt. 
    This is also a huge win. Mix in pumpkin puree (I guess the season is out, so you can buy it canned just fine) and it'll taste fantastic.. or even just cinnamon here as well. If you MUST has the sweetness try adding in fruit.. but avoid jellies, jams, sugar.... 

    Bananas are always a great go-to snack/breakfast as well if you're just super busy and don't have time. 

    1,200 is sounding WAY too low. Understand that 1,200 is about the MINIMUM most bodies need to function for just being ALIVE. THat's not including your workouts. If you're not getting enough food, your body will try to store everything it can as fat to save it for later. So if you ate 1,200 today, but hit the gym and burned about 300-400.. you NEED to eat those calories back. I know it seems counter-intuitive but it's true. Don't wreck your metabolism over desperation to drop a few pounds.. it'll hurt you short term (could be the reason you have plateaued) and long-term. 

    Also, muscle memory is a huge reason many of us plateau fitness-wise. If you're doing the same exact routines, your muscles remember it and work less. Even something as little as doing your same routine, but backwards can make a difference. 

    GL Binxy
  • I'm netting about 1200, not only consuming 1200.

    FTL- I love oatmeal but I can't eat it, as I have gout and it is a trigger food. Yogurt is yummy, but it definately will not fill me up. I'm the type of person that wakes up hungry. I eat a bigger breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner.
  • I agree that yogurt is not very filling, But I do find greek yogurt much more filling and satisfying (Low fat yogurts should be illegal with all the junk they put in them and I find they make me even more hungry), try adding in a cup of chopped up fruit with it-thats what I take to work with me everyday for breakfast.

    ever considered making your own health bars? or buying some that are not too terrible for you like Lara bars or oskri bars? both are gluten free  and use basic ingrediants ( I think all lara bars are 6 ingrediants or less) I find them very filling and TASTY!
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