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Cheap wedding favors and QUICK!!!!

Getting married in 24 days... 2nd wedding, somewhat simple.  I have totally forgotten about the WEDDING FAVORS (it's been years since I've done this) and we are over budget.  I know this sounds corny but I did the personalized matches the first time around and I don't really want to repeat anything related to my first wedding!

Any suggestions?  I thought about those cardboard coasters on this site but the reviews were not great.  I don't want to spend a lot, either - I looked at customized koozies (we're a beer-drinking crowd!) and they were a bit more expensive than I'd hoped, plus now I don't know if I have the time to order them.

Any suggestions???  DIY is not an option - I work full-time and am in the middle of moving to our new house (very poor planning).

Re: Cheap wedding favors and QUICK!!!!

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    What about a CD of your favorite songs/songs from your wedding. You can buy the CD's in bulk and it only takes a few min to burn them. Or im sure you could fine a place to do it for you.

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    You don't really need to give favors. Most people ignore them/through them out unless they're edible anyway. Or you could make a donation to a charity and let people know that it was done in their names. That's an idea I'm considering because both of our families deal with diabetes, including FI and both of our moms.  
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    You could use potted orchids as your centerpieces, and then at the end of the wedding each person takes one orchid home. Gotta love double dipping!
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    Cookie Buffet!!!  Get some cheap cello bags (you can get 100s for a few bucks) get some thankyou tags for them and bake some cookies- enlist the help of your bridal party/ friends/ family and that way you can keep the cost down to pretty much nothing.  Also- you can freeze just about all cookies so you can make them ahead of time.

    Super easy, cheap, personal and people will actually enjoy it!
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    I second the cookie buffet (or candy).  Stock up on bulk goodies at Sam's club or BJ's and you're golden!
    OR (one of my friends did this last year to save on expenses) donate moeny to a local charity in lieu of favors.  It is a gift that will actually do good for someone (hey, who needs candles, coasters or those jordan almond things anyway?) and *bonus* no one has to know how much you donate.
    Good luck!
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    Unless it's edible, people don't care about it.  Don't waste your money on something like koozies or coasters.  If you can't afford something edible don't worry about it at all, no one will miss a favor.
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    I totally agree on the candy/cookie buffet- get clear bags or boxes from michaels or party warehouse and you are good to go. Just buy a bunch of candy (your wedding colors would be a bonus) and you are good to go. 
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    Thanks everyone - I settled on some coasters that aren't really considered "favors" but they're there for anyone to take.  We're getting married at a private residence on the lake so coasters will be needed to protect the furniture.  It works out perfectly!
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    Agreed... no koozies, coasters, matches. All that 'old school stuff' is a waste of your money these days. Give people something they can eat or use. We are making cookies in grape and wine glass shapes and made wine glass charms from stuff we bought at the dollar store.

    A friend of mine is doing a candy buffet (candy bought in bulk)...
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