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April 2013 Weddings

Manic Monday!!

Oh boy do I hate Mondays!!!!! How was everyones weekend? What do you have going on for the week? Did you check anything off your WR list this weekend??

Our weekend was sooo busy, we had a wedding on Friday (which by the way I find sooo hard going to weddings now that I am engaged and planning my own wedding.  I keep wishing it was mine and I do a lot of comparing which is sooo bad!) On Saturday we were in Rhode Island for a surprise party and yesterday we spent time with the family. As for WR--I purchased some more craft items for my DIY projects, I need a few more items and should be on my way.

Hopefully everyone has a good Monday and week!
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Re: Manic Monday!!

  • Our inspection went REALLY well on Saturday!  The only problems were two tiny gas leaks that apparently happen all the time in homes.  We're asking them to fix it for us, which they should agree to and it won't take much time/money on their end.  FI and I then went and window shopped at Lowe's, Ikea, and Home Depot, which was fun!

    Yesterday FI and I made my dad hot dogs and beans for Father's Day and he loved it.  My dad has had some serious health issues (and is having a biopsy on Tuesday for nodules on his thyroid, ugh) so it's really important to me to get to see him more.  

    WR - I settled on a guest book idea (http://www.lovestrucksocialevents.com/blog/2011/11/01/our-wedding-diy-paper-items-our-funny-guestbook/) and I think I settled on table numbers using the 99 cent frames from Ikea and chalkboard paint.  :)

    My job was supposed to start today but it's been pushed back 'indefinitely" so I'm going to try and sell some old clothes/shoes/purses today.  Argh.
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  • Chrisitine~ I know how you feel about weddings.  We went to one like a month ago and I was terrified that she would have my dress on.  I was a wreck until I saw her walk down the aisle.  Thankfully it was a different dress. 

    Erbear~ Congrats on the inspection.  I hope that they agree to fix the leaks.\

    We celebrated FI's first official Father's Day yesterday.  My parents are away so we had his over for dinner.  FI made homemade ravioli for dinner.  So yummy.

    Friday I picked Bridesmaid dresses.  I am so excited!

    me in the dress to show the detail:
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    My weekend was okay, nothing too exciting.

    Saturday I bought a BM dress for the October wedding I am standing in. While it is a very pretty dress it is not made for ladies with hips lol. It is very tight in my thighs so I had to get a size bigger just to be able to sit down somewhat comfortably. Plus, we had to buy a sash. It was a straight up piece of ribbon you can get at Joann Fabrics for 10 yards for like $5, but at David's Bridal it was $20.00. I need to watch what I am spending because I have my own wedding to pay for lol.

    I have been crabby the past few days, so today kind of sucks.
  • Super boring weekend for me, called my Dad yesterday to wish him a Happy Father's Day.  You know, I traveled 3 of the May weekends and I thought I'd appreciate not traveling all of June but I'm just bored, instead.  Being bored means watching too many wedding shows and comparing those weddings to what mine will be like, which probably stresses me out even more :-P 

    Luckily there are a ton of things to do this week(fun, social, non-wedding-related things) and then I finally get to see my FI the following weekend for July 4th, hurrayy!!!  Maybe I'll convince him to run down to City Hall with me and just get hitched ;-)  Probably not but ordering my dress, going to Disney World, and watching the Tampa fireworks are on the books instead :-)

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  • After last weekend, which was totally consumed by concert related things, I was really happy to have a more relaxed weekend. Saturday I had planned a round of craft store shopping because I had coupons, but thanks to my period, I ended up nursing a massive round of cramps instead. Wonder-Fi went to Taco-Bell and got me food before I went to work. Went to Target with fi after work, had a nice dinner at home with Sopranos, followed by Lego Pirates of the Carribean on PS3. And with a couple glasses of wine, we actually did a little wedding disscussion, which was surprisingly productive. We should talk wedding stuff when I'm innebriated more often...

    Sunday was super chill. Went to church, and with the kid's choir being done for the year, it's much less stressful and I don't have to be at church as long. Went to lunch with Dad, Mom and fi. It was really fun and Dad liked his presents. The rest of the day consisted of a nap and hanging out with fi. I'm only working Tuesday and Thursday this week, so I'm hoping to get a lot of home chores and wedding chores done this week.
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