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day of coordinator?

Hi, could anyone please recommend a Day of Coordinator in the LA/Ventura area.  The ones that I have been referred to seem overpriced.  They are priced at $750+.    How much do they usually cost?  thanks!

Re: day of coordinator?

  • So So Fab (clicky)
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  • Have you looked at "hustle and bustle," "beloved events and weddings," or no worries?" they ooked like they had affordable packages.
  •  I believe our rate is around $1,000.00 for the month of the wedding with two or 3 face to face prior to wedding.
  • I have done a bit of research and that seems about right. I started with referrals from friends and those were $1600 upto $2,500!! Sonow I'm working on referrals I've seen here. So So Fab (from PP) starts at about $600 and Gayle from A Sparkling Event is about $500 and I got a referral from someone else for Joelle of A Charming Event starts around $700. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions about them.
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  • One of my best friends is getting married in April and she recommended her coordinator to me (haven't contacted her yet, though). I need to double check but I think the company is cara quinlan events and she was able to get a DOC package for 20% off - some kind of special she was running for 2012 I think.
  • update on my last message - i did meet with cara and she is doing 20% off DOC package right now if anyone is interested :) can't take my date, though - sorry!

    @mrsryan2012 - i think that's pretty typical for coordinotors out here, but mine is going to be (with the discount) $800 for the whole month before the wedding, the rehearsal, and unlimited hours, so if yours is just for the day maybe you should keep looking
  • Goin' 2 the Chapel events is $500 for the day and includes 2 people at your event.
  • Look at I've never heard of anyone being disappointed. Their super professional and so down to earth. Never snotty or rude. Some of these coordinators are crazy.
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