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tell each other how we met our darling FI. I met my FI shortly after a bad break up from my ex FI. We started out as really good friends who would text each other eevery once in awhile. Then we got a little more serious around Christmas of 2010. We made it offical in Feb 2011. We had our lovely daughter May 2012(yeah we moved fast lol). Just two weeks ago we decided to get married. No I dont have my ring yet because honestly Im picky and he knows I have to actually know what it looks like before I get it lol. So eventhough I dont know when the ring will be placed on my finger I do know when we will be tying the knot. Our wedding date is April 26.2014. So can I hear anyone else stories on how they met FI???
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  • We met in college back when dino's roamed the earth 
    started dating in 01 
    we decided to get married this spring..... no ring yet either 

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  • Oh wow I just seen your tracker Im tryin to lose weight as well. Ive lost 12 lbs so far. 38 more to go. and I lol when you said back when Dino's roamed the earth. Well welcome to the unactive board lol.
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  • We met  in junior high back in 2000. We met at a church youth group that we both went to. We were really good friends for a few years before we started dating. We started dating in 2004 when I was 15 and he was 14 and have been together ever since :)
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    [QUOTE]We met  in junior high back in 2000. We met at a church youth group that we both went to. We were really good friends for a few years before we started dating. We started dating in 2004 when I was 15 and he was 14 and have been together ever since :)
    Posted by Cfoster1824[/QUOTE]That sounds similar to my story :)<div>We met in Junior High, but never talked until he moved and was friends with a friend of mine, </div><div>then one night he was over at his friend's house and we started talking. </div><div>We were friends for like four months and then decided we would start dating. </div><div>We have also been together since we were 14-15.(: </div><div>Now we are getting married on April 12, 2014 and I am so excited. :D</div><div>We will both be twenty in 2014 when we get married. Yes we are young, but I KNOW we are the right ones for each other. And can't wait to marry my high school sweetheart/love of my life. </div><div>;) 

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  • My FI and I met online. My friend was trying her hardest to hook me up with someone. Only problem is we've been friends since we were 12 so I know every guys in her life and I was not going for it. A few girls from her job met their guys on POF.com and she begged me to sign up. I said no but two seconds later I was signed up and he was the first person she reached out to, the only person I would talk to you and the only one I went on a date with. 3 yrs later and I cant begin to explain how happy I am. 
  • I met my husband ( we are doing a 13 year vow renewal but actual wedding style) while deployed to Bosnia. We feel in love in a matter of weeks and got married 6 months later. I would marry this man over and over if I could!
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  • My fiance and I met in high school....on the school bus. (Can't wait to tell the kids that story, but we like to embelish it. ;) ) I wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, but it was obvious he liked me right off the bat. My friend actually told me at work it was obvious I would wind up with my now FH. I definitely didn't believe him, but sure enough a few months later we started talking and then started going out. He proposed to me back in 2009 after we had talked about it, while he was living in Florida at the time and that's that. :) 4 years later and we're still as happy as can be. :)
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    I met my Fiance in High school but we were just friends with a lot of mutual friends.  Years later his best friend started dating my best friend. When they got engaged we started to hang out (the four of us) all the time.  I couldnt stand him. LOL   I told my friend that I didnt want to see him again.  Less than three years later we were engaged.  NOw we are getting married 4/25/14  :)
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  • I met my FI on an online dating site. I'm not the type to use those but after having my heart crushed from a previous long term relationship and months of a good friend setting me up on dates that never went past the first date I finally caved and signed up for a site called okcupid. I had gotten plenty of messages from guys but his stood out because he was literally the only guy that messages me that didn't have a lame pick up line. I messaged him back and after a few days of talking and one date he asked me to be his girlfriend by saying "will you be the Yoko to my Lennon?" We're both Beatles fans and now a few short months of dating later we're engaged and I couldn't be happier :
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