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Where to find DIY STD's?

Hey Knotties!

My better half and I went and poked around Michael's today, looking at DIY invites and the like to get a feel for where we can cut money with DIY's and where we shouldn't. However, they had no DIY Save the Date all. I asked a number of their associates and the one's I could find didn't even know what they were.

After much searching on the Canadian website it doesn't appear that Michael's carries STD kits (correct me if I'm wrong PLEASE!). Does anyone know of anywhere online or otherwise that sells STD kits?

Any help you all can give is so appreciated- I am so not willing to shell out big money for stationary, but I'm not crafty enough to do my own thing.
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Re: Where to find DIY STD's?

  • is actually pretty good for STDs. They have anythign from postcards to magnets. All are very affordable. They have basic templates or you can make and upload a completely custom design if you want it to match your invites.
  • Heather.. would you mind sharing how your friend formatting them for printing?
  • I'm not exactly sure how she did it, I do basic Word or Publisher when I do things.
    It was an Adobe pdf file when she gave it to me. (I'm sure she has a Mac and a lot of design programs)

    I know that in publisher you can do a custom size sheet that would be the postcard size and then pick the Layout type to be multiple per sheet.
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