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New Hampshire

Re: WTF Friday

  • edited December 2011
    WTF Brain.....Why do you keep waking me up at 3AM....the past two days I had to be up at 4AM but still you woke me up at 3. Today I didn't have to get up early at all and you STILL wake me up at 3AM. WTF!! I'd like to get a good night sleep for once!
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  • jrich7686jrich7686 member
    edited December 2011
    WTF work.. stop being so ridiculously demanding/stressful.. & if you cant, then pay me more so I dont have to be completely stressed out about being able to afford my wedding!! Thanks
  • edited December 2011
    wtf cramps!  never have you been so bad in over 13 years!!
  • edited December 2011
     WTF work...A 3 hour meeting yesterday, a one hour meeting today. A meeting first thing Tuesday morning. How am I supposed to get any work done!?!

    @ Shauni - hope you feel better!
    @ Jrich - I completely agree with you!! Raise please!
    @ Arez - hope you get a good night sleep soon!
  • Luv2Cook27Luv2Cook27 member
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    edited December 2011
    WTF state of MA Health Insurance Carriers.... You suck and make my job EXTREMELY difficult.
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  • edited December 2011
    WTF FI:

    I love you more than anything but I could have killed you yesterday!!!
    1) You didn't tell me you were just giving away the huge leather sectional for free when we could have gotten a couple hundred for it!
    2)  You didn't tell me the person you were giving it to was your ex-girlfriend from High School.  (I don't care if it was 20 years ago)  You should have told me.
    3)  You should have told me she was there before I walked into her scrubbing the stairs.  I cant believe you had her clean the whole vacant apartment in exchange for the couch!
    4)  You didn't clean the house or do the dishes you left the night before!  You know I hate when people come over and it isn't spotless!!!!
    5)  I cant believe you let her have a 14k opal ring that was the size of my thumb!  I don't care if she found it in the closet!  Do you know that the $ from that could have been a night away?????
  • edited December 2011
    dirtywater--i would have been PISSED!  that is a night on the couch, for sure!!!
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