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dragon themed wedding help

So my fiance and i are going to do a dragon themed (with blue and black colors) wedding. it's one of the few things that we both like. we are going to name the tables at the reception after dragons from books/movies. HOWEVER i need help on figuring out how to display the escort cards and how to do the invitations. the only invitations i find are either for kid parties or chinese new year/wedding which is NOT how our's is going to be. the other way i find invites is with a pheonix which is not what we want either (two dragons please).
PLEASE someone help...

Re: dragon themed wedding help

  • That's going to be a tall order, unless you are able to have someone custom make them for you.  Why don't you skip the dragons on your invitation, and just go with your wedding colors?  You can incorporate the dragons elsewhere, and DIY what you want.
  • Maybe you could find a stamp or illustration of dragons and then photocopy it on to escort cards?

    Alternatively, make the display board dragon-shaped and use simple escort cards?  One friend cut screening into a specifc shape attached it to a frame and then used magnets to attach her escort cards to her homemade board.  Her shape was a butterfly.   The butterfly is now in the garden of their home. 
  • I did a quick search and there was one design that I thought might work although it's more of a conceptual dragon:

    click me - The swirl design at the top of the invitation is supposed to be a "dragon" and I can see the shape but this probably isn't dragony enough for you.

    I think you'll most likely have to hire someone to design the invitations you want. 

    Good luck!
  • Update: apparently both my fiance and sister know people who are artists. Therefore I'm going to get with them for the invitations.

    I am still torn about the escort cards though. Part of me wants to the cards in shapes of different dragons. Part of me wants to do either of what Emanons suggests. *sigh*
  • Can you do something with fire?  Or not even a whole dragon but a dragon head breathing fire?  I don't know, but this sounds really awesome! 

  • We are doing dragons for our wedding because we met playing a fantasy video game. I drew the picture for my save the dates and invitations. They are more cartoony than true to any fantasy but I like that. If you pm me I can send you a picture or two if you are interested.
  • I would recommend you review dragon tattoo designs, and look especially at the more abstract version (tribal, neo-tribal, neo-punk).

    Then, pick 3, and have a calligrapher do them in black on pale blue cards, and below the dragon (or above) write the name of the guest.  Three is a variety but not so many as to look disorganized.  That same design could be used on all your stationary, just pick 1 for the invite, and use another for the STD and thank you, and a third for the menu and program.  Keep the paper to the same paper (blue cardstock or similar) and use just black ink on the blue.  This will keep it classy, and will avoid the 'Children's Birthday Party/Asian NY' thing.

    Also, you can buy nice dragon design stamps, an embosser, embossing powder (which can be metallic silver) and do similar to the above yourself.  Buy plain blue escort cards, stamp your own dragon, emboss them, then use black calligraphy pen to write out cards.  We're doing almost the exact same thing with gold embossing powder and a seahose stamp design.

    Good luck
  • In Response to <a href=" Theme BoardsForum:43453af6-2ee4-412a-99fb-cbb447240911Discussion:5ea67302-329c-4d70-aeec-2588b239936cPost:2e7bc04a-6e98-4a4d-9a41-ae60e8c46a77">Re: dragon themed wedding help</a>:
    [QUOTE]Can you do something with fire?  Or not even a whole dragon but a dragon head breathing fire?  I don't know, but this sounds really awesome! 
    Posted by kerbohl[/QUOTE]

    In European mythology, dragons are firebreathers.  In Asian culture, dragons are female dieities who are water-based and the mist is like the mist on a mountain (clouds)...

    Given they are using blue as a color, they might want to avoid fire BUT it would be SUPER COOL I do agree.

    Maybe you guys could approach it based on both versions of a dragon, and find some dragon-shaped pewter candle holders or something else that plays off the fire idea?
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