Hair Stylist for multicultural hair?

Hello ladies!

Does anyone know of a good hairstylist that can do both white and black hair and will come to you on the wedding day? Oh, and is well priced? We're getting ready at the Georgian Terrace and I really want someone to come to us.


Re: Hair Stylist for multicultural hair?

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    hair by maria. She is amazing. My hair is sooo thick. I am white, but I typically get my hair styled/cut by either black stylists or dominicans. Most white people cannot handle the texture of my hair. She was able to put large loose curls in it. This is INCREDIBLE. My hair does not take well to curls. She is resonable for cost AND she will come to your location!
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    Thanks for the tip!!! By the way, not to be a stalker, but I totally recognize your pic from Janet Howard's blog - she's my photographer too! 
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    She's amazing :-)
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