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Alright, so...

I have six sisters.

I have rounded my wedding party down to 5 bridesmaids, made up of 2 of my sisters, 1 sister of my fiance (his only sister), and 2 of my closest friends. 2 of my younger sisters are junior bridesmaids.

But now I am running into a huge problem. Who among my gals should I have be my maid of honor? Each lady is so important to me, and I am getting pulled in every direction as to which one to choose. I know I am supposed to choose regardless of what anyone else thinks, but that is easier said than done. Originally I had chosen one of my sisters, but I dont want my other sister to feel bad. And then, one of my friends who is a bridesmaid started making lists of why she was the better bridesmaid.

Do I choose soley on what I want to choose, or base it on who would be the best "fit"?

Any and all advice would be appreciated as I have limited time to make my decision!

Re: Maid of Honor...HOW DID YOU CHOOOOSE?

  • If you can't decide between them, then don't designate a MOH. You're not required to have one.

    And you're not on limited time to name a MOH. You could name one right before you all walk down the aisle on the wedding day, if you wanted. The MOH's job is to stand next to you and hold your bouquet.
  • You don't have to have a MOH.  They can all just be bridesmaids.
  • I chose by not having any attendants.  Every one of the women I would consider is equally important in my life.  I couldn't possibly choose and I would feel ridiculous with that many attendants.

    In your case I think that means they're all BMs.
  • I have 2 sisters and I made them both my MOHs. No one was offended. My sister always jokes that she is MOH number 1. I told them to decide amongst themselves who will be standing next to me at the wedding.  I can't imagine deciding who is "more important" to me. Whoever is standing next to me, I will be happy.
  • I had to choose between my only sister and my bff.  I went with my bff--it basically came down to if I was having a crap day or was in crisis who would I turn to for support or to make me laugh--she won hands down. I thought it would cause drama--but minus my mother it has been fine
  • "And then, one of my friends who is a bridesmaid started making lists of why she was the better bridesmaid"

    I know that was absurd, it made me stressed out!

    Thanks for all the advice, I guess it comes down to not thinking I HAVE to have a MOH. It feels odd to think that way, but I think it will make me the happiest. Otherwise, my sisters, who will always be there for me, will have a dual MOH duty.

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    I don't plan on choosing one.  If my relationships with my friends/family stay exactly are they are right now when it's time for me to ask I'll ask 1 cousin, 2 ex-roommates, and my FSD and have up to 4 BMs with no MOH.  WPs are not required to have a wedding.
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