Save yourself the trouble and do not ever go to Bridal Fashions by Nikos...I am in the middle of a fight with them concerning my gown that was too short when told upon purchase that is would "be a perfect length as is" and they have also damaged the dress over a three day period because of their lack of respect for the gown and them trying to pull it to be longer!  Well long story short....I am walking away from them without a dress and a lot of heartache..not once did they apologize and also their shop is dirty!  They did not even steam my dress and put it in a cheap plastic bag...they won't order me a new one without paying in full...I don't think so!  SAVE YOURSELF!!!

Re: BALTIMORE BRIDES PLEASE READ....Bridal Fashions by Nikos is TERRIBLE!!

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    Oh wow...they were next on my list. lol
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    *insert sarcastic musing here...or jazz hands*
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    So far my experience have been great. Sorry for your mishap. But I'am purchasing my bridesmaids dress from them & my engagement dress that will have alterations done do it.  I pray all goes well with my end results.  
  • In 2009 Nikos donated hundreds of beautiful gowns to St Anthonys Bridalnto help low income brides. I have reason to be grateful to a lot of shops for their generosity but Nikos, Lillys, and Juliettes are absolute tops with me. When My daughters best friend who lives with us got engaged, she tried a few different bridal boutiques i had never heard of but she found the dress and saleslady of her dreams at Nikos!
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