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Alfred Angelo on 28th St...they won't get anymore of my money.

I read all of the reviews about their terrible alterations department, but I never thought just buying a dress from there could be trouble. My sister originally had an appointment but bought her dress just a few hours before (she came from Ohio to visit some stores in Indiana and then they were going to come here, she bought her dress in Indiana)

My family convinced me to take my sister's appointment, even though I'm not getting married for 2 years. You see, I've gained about 60 pounds in the last three years and my goal is to try and lose as much of it as possible before the wedding. They said I should just see what I like.

The consultant was fun and upbeat and I found a dress I love. My mom already bought a dress that day so I didn't plan on buying a dress just yet. The dress I chose happened to be one of the Disney princess dresses and she said that there's no guarantee the dress will stay. Not having planned on looking at any dresses I didn't do any research beforehand so I wasn't aware that this wasn't necessarily true. The dress I chose is brand new and they still sell the dresses from 2011.

Our consultant also told us after we put $849 down on the dress that we could cancel the dress within 3 days if we wanted but they would keept he deposit and it we be given back as store credit. This also turned out to be a lie. (upon clarifcation below, this is what they are trained to say)

My mom was worried that I picked a dress too fast...I'm not. I love my dress. I was worried however that the dress may not fit me in 2 years. We bought a size 14 and the dress can be altered up or down 2 sizes. I was worred that in 2 years the dress may not be able to be altered down to my size and I'd be left with $1400 dress that doesn't look good. I called Monday morning to postpone them making the dress - essentially cancelling the order - so that I could come in 4 or 6 months and get remeasured.

I called that Monday after buying the dress Saturday and asked if I could cancel the dress and to back in and get remeasured later. She said sure, I'll leave a message for my manager and we will refund you. I was confused because the consultant said we just get store credit. 

I talked to someone today who said the manager gets to decide if the dress order can be cancelled and that's in the contract (which is fine, I work for a bank and I get it). I'm so fed up and angry. I want my dress and we'll take it. But that's the last time I will EVER set foot in that store. No bridesmaid dresses, no matching flower girl dress, nothing. I will get a seamstreess who can hopefully work magic if need be. I'm mad that I was flat up LIED TO in order make the sale.

Yes, I should've known better but I've never been married before so I've never dealt with wedding dress shopping and how it works. Like I said I wasn't planning on dress shopping for a while. But you would think that such a reputable name would have have a much more reputable sales staff. In the end I have the dress I want, I just might have to spend a little more to make it look it right.

Thank you Alfred Angelo for a less than mediocre wedding experience. I'll remember for my other purchases.

Re: Alfred Angelo on 28th St...they won't get anymore of my money.

  • What a shame!!!  You'd think they'd pay attention to these boards and try to get their act together.  Good luck with your dress, I hope it all works out for you!
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  • Wow thank you so much for posting this. I was planing on going there next month to look for dresses. Saved me a trip =)
  • In an update...my mom was able to speak to that location's manager. I have been working 9 am to 8 pm or I would have done so. They were able to come up with an arrangement that when my dress comes in, if I try it on and need a smaller size they will keep the dress I ordered and order me a smaller one to replace it. Even if I get a size 12 I will be comfortable because it can be altered down enough to a reasonable size that I know I could get to. I don't want them to lose money on the dress but it's a beautiful dress, I'm sure that someone will buy it.

    My mom said they had a meeting regarding what the stores tell the customers. I guess they were trained to give a range for dress cancellation which is 24 hours to 3 days. Now instead of saying that you can cancel the order until they start making the dress which is about three days, they have to quote 24 hours which I think will save a lot of people confusion. Even if when I had called Monday after being there Saturday had I been told it's too late or they might have already started the dress so they'll have the check on it, I wouldn't have had an issue. I was told, "sure, I'll leave this note for my manager and we have your cards on file so we can process a refund." (I wasn't even expecting a refund) 

    In the end we were able to find a mutually beneficial middle ground, which I think speaks volumes. I had already decided that it is what it is and we'll just make do. We DID buy it so the store didn't really have to do anything at all.

    I still want to get a hold of them Sunday when I have the day off to thank them for their assistance. I appreciate them reaching out to figure something out. I do want to reiterate, my sales consultant was awesome. She was fun and witty and helped me figure out where I wanted to go dress wise because I had no idea. She said what she was trained to say. While I still frown about the whole, "these dresses can be pulled at any time," I'm sure that people elsewhere have said worse things in retrosepct. 

    So I'd like to throw out another thank you to Alfred Angelo for the assistance with the issue. I'm sure it came about because of either this post or one that I made on their facebook thread. I feel kind of guilty but at the same time I don't think things were initially handled as they should have been. Like I said, I work for a bank in the area where angry customers go who have issues that weren't handled correctly. I know that mistakes and misinformation happen, but one person who takes the time to do what they can makes all the difference.
  • eirwyneirwyn member
    I'm glad it's all going to work out. Which Disney dress did you pick? They're all so lovely.
  • I got the 2012 Jasmine ... 215 I think? I love it. I'm glad they were able to work with me because it was pretty shady what they did.
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