Photographer on a Budget

Does anyone have any recommendations on a Photographer that they've used that has a mixed style (traditional/photojournalistic) for around $2000 (or less!)

Thanks! =)

Re: Photographer on a Budget

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    Have you looked at Jolie Images yet? They are in Wheeling, IL. We hired them for our wedding on july 30, 2011. They have a very affordable pricing (the most expensive but complete package is 1,499)and many options to choose from. So far we are happy with them.


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    i've been doing the same research and have made a spreadsheet of a TON of photographers and their prices. Most of the experienced Chicago photographers are over 2500. The ones getting started (maybe have only done 10 weddings or so) are closer to 1200.

    Here are some under 2,000:

    Matt Kuehl
    Mark Campbell Creative
    Lorenzo de Gregorio ($2200)
    Michael Rastall
    Kathleen Thame
    Kara Schultz (if you are doing a Sunday wedding, she charges $225/hour)

    PM me if you want me entire spreadsheet of photographer's prices. I've done my research :)
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    Kara Schultz is mine and I love her!
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    I recommend Kathleen Thame! We hired her to photograph our cocktail hour. We had a red carpet-like paparazzi background for out guests. Our main photographer was not able to take pictures because she would be with the bridal party, so we needed someone else. She did a great job and got the pictures up the next night!
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    Ditto on Jolie Images. I just recently booked with them for our wedding next Fall 2012. Their most expensive package is $1,495, tax included. Their work is amazing, and the staff is incredibly nice and attentive. The owner, Leslie, is super!

    Good luck!

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    Check out stoffer photography -
    Their packages start at $1500 and include an engagement session!
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    I have to recommend my brother!  I promise you, if you have a budget, he is your guy!  He has an amazing personality that really comes through his photos and prints.  His packages always includes two photographers and he really customizes to what you want.  I know I sound like a cheesy big sister...If he wasn't one of my groomsmen, he'd be shooting my wedding!  

    Check out his website...You will not be disappointed!

    Let me know if you contact him!

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    Our photographer is pretty great. She is actually a coworker of my fiance's, but she is trying to become a professional photographer.  She took our engagement photos which came out amazingly.  She is costing us 800, but that might be a special deal because we're friends.  Her website is  I also should have our engagement photos up in my bio today if you want to see those too.
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    Thank you for all of the information!!!! =) I really appreciate it!!
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