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Normal dreams?

So I have been plagued by dreams of my high school crush for the last few months.  So strange!  I have seen him, twice coincidentally, since I have been with the FH, but there is not real reason for him to be floating around my concious thoughts.  

Tonight, I started reading "Unveiling Weddings".  It seems to be about the emotional rollercoaster of being a bride.  The first anectdote they gave was that two brides happened to compare notes about their ex-boyfriend dreams and discovered that they were both having them.

So I wanted to come here and ask, is it just me?!

Re: Normal dreams?

  • I have not had them yet, but im sure they will come sometimes as I have them in the past.

    This definatly looks like something I WANT to my Kindle for christmas and have not used it much, but Im definatly getting this one!!  :)

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  • I had an odd dream kinda like that and I had no clue why. While not yet married I don't feel it is a roller coaster at least not yet...I will have to let you know later lol.
  • I have a lot of strange dreams but they are usually about everyday situations with a really strange twist. I do feel a bit like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster, but I don't think it's just the wedding. I'm graduating in 2 months, trying to find a job, and planning a wedding. FI helps with the wedding stuff when I ask, but the stress of everything together can sometimes be overwhelming and it makes me feel like I'm on a rollercoaster. If it was just the wedding, I think I'd be fine.
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  • I have lots of wedding dreams, never involving any ex boyfriends though.  In the same breath I don't think its all that odd, the more you think about the dreams and him the more you'll probably dream about him.  All it took was that first spark when you saw him and now he's stuck in your head.  Do what you can to distract yourself from it.  If you keep having problems I'd talk to your FI to see if you can nail down what's going on.
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  • I have dreams about ex boyfriends and fb friends. Lol if I'm on fb right before bed, there's a chance one of my "friends" will be in my dreams. I think you are dreaming about him because you seen him not because you have a subconscious love and desire to be with him. Well at least I hope not lol
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    I am glad to hear I am not the only one!  I have no idea why I am having them, but I think it is so interesting that this might not just be my thing... it could be a bride thing!  (Well, at least a few of us!)

    I am really surprised that some of you didn't identify with the "emotional rollercoaster".  I will preface this and say I work as a counselor, so I tend to pay a lot of attention to these things anyways, but really?  Nothing?

    I mean, I think there is that knee jerk reaction to say... "Whoa, no Bridezillas here!"  and I do get that.  I dread that word as much as anyone else.  But this is a MAJOR life transition.  You say goodbye to your single life, commit to one person forever, spend a whole lot of money on one event, put pressure on yourself to make the right decisions and navigate through family drama... it makes me tired just seeing all of this written out!  All the support & love in the world can't prevent at least something on this list from sending you right to the rollercoaster!  

    I do know every bride is different and we all handle stress differently, but I don't think the average girl is that well equipped to manage all of this.  I certainly am not!
    Isn't it OK to admit that this is hard?  Joyous, wonderful, exciting, but also difficult!
  • That makes a lot of sense!  I am in my late 20s and it still feels like a rollercoaster.  In my early 20s, it would have been a disaster (for me!).  
  • Haven't had dreams about ex's, but I have had a lot of dreams about things going wrong, like all the bridesmaids bought different dresses, in different colors, and the one that it was the DAY and I had left everything at home and couldn't go get it.
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