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NWR.... Worst night ever

I needed to pick up laundry detergent, and I ended up hitting and running over a dog.  I feel like the worst person ever. It's a fairly busy street and poorly lit, and the next thing I know there is a creature running in the light of my car beams.  It was too late to do anything, so I hit it full impact.  When I realized that it was a dog, I lost it.  Luckily my brother was with me, and he told me exactly what to do, put on my hazard lights and pull over.  But, I could not bring myself to go look at the dog.  I stood in my car while my brother went to check things out.  He also called my FI.

FI came to be with me.  And finally the owners came looking for the dog.  They had been drinking in their unfenced back yard, while dog was running loose and the street is right behind their yard. When the guy realized it was his dog that was he got very verbal and aggressive.   So my brother called the police just to keep things civil.  I couldn't go home without apologizing to the owners.  The wife of the owner was very understanding and told me it wasn't my fault, that it could have been anyone.   Last I heard the dog is still alive and still breathing, I could see her paws as they loaded her in to the car.   Being a dog owner, I feel absolutely awful.   I can't sleep, but need to rest since we are going to an out of town wedding tomorrow.  My mom thinks we should just cancel on the wedding.  Anyway, I have a feeling I will be up for a while.  

Please hug your fur babies tonight.  

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Re: NWR.... Worst night ever

  • I'm so sorry that happened! That kind of thing happens so quickly, there isn't much time to react. 
    Say a prayer, weather you believe in god or not, it will make you feel better. (at least it always does for me), have some hot chocolate, and try to relax.  :(
  • I am currently cuddled with my baby boy Charlie under my snuggie. Im so over protective of him I couldn't imaging ever letting him outside without his leash! He's my baby! My prayers are with you hun. I can't even imagine what you are going thru.
  • Oh yes, lots of prayers have been said.  Thank you ladies.  
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  • bruna29bruna29 member
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    I'm so sorry that happened to you. I always feel terrible whenever I accidentally hit an animal, even if it's just a squirrel or a possum. One time there was a live cat in the middle of the freeway just standing there, and it was really dark out. Somehow I saw him in time, and I was able to stop (no, there was no one behind me). I got lucky with that one. Hug your dog extra hard tonight and try and get some rest.
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  • Lots of hugs for you - I can't imagine how you must feel!  I hope you got at least a little sleep.  If it helps any, our dog also got away once - I guess the leash wasn't clipped right and being a Yorkie, he was kind of hyper and just wiggled and off he went.  He was hit and although the story didn't have a happy ending, I never once blamed the person who was driving.  It wasn't your fault.  You didn't intentionally go speeding down the road, hoping to hit the dog.  A dog that tends to run shouldn't have been left alone in an unfenced yard without proper supervision.  You did the right thing, and there was nothing more you could have done. 

    Sending prayers for the pup's healing.
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  • Hugs and good thought for you!  

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