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April 2012 Weddings


We just lost our wedding venue, due to a festival coming to town. We were previously cleared for our date, now we're 20 days away and have nowhere to have our ceremony. It was a local park, so there was no contract in place.

Anyone have any ideas ITP Atlanta? Our date is April 19th (Thursday).


  • I'm so sorry that happened to you :( You should post in the local board for ATL, they might be better help!
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  • How could your venue do this to you so close to the wedding!?

    I hope you can get this worked out quickly. Have you posted on your local boards or looked in the vendor listings for your city?
  • I replied to you on the ATL board. *hugs*
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  • If nothing else turns up, you can also consider doing the ceremony at the reception location. If that's what you decide, let us know and we can brainstorm ideas about how to make it work.
  • I'm sorry that happened!  Are there any other local parks you can have it at?   I don't know Atlanta at all - I have only driven through.  DO any of your friends live in a community with a pretty pool area or something maybe you could do it at? 
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  • I agree w/ PP - any friends w/ a pretty backyard even?  Some home communites have houses where you can plan bday parties...if that's pretty you can do it there - i'm assuming ATL is in full bloom like we are in Colorado!    GOOD LUCK!!
  • I agree with posting to locals...however...maybe this will make you feel better. My venue neglected to tell me they were doing construction before I signed a contract and put money down. It was supposed to be done already. It's not done though and all of my guests who booked rooms at the resort got emails that it's still under construction and won't be done until after the wedding. Not only am I pissed but so are my guests. Now I am under contract and have no time to book it elsewhere :

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