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Any ideas on what color your bridesmaids dresses / wedding themes are????? Just curious!


  • Black. :)  Our colors are red and black, and I wore black in a wedding before and loved it.  I plan to have the girls pick their own styles.

  • We are doing navy blue and fall themed bouquets-- orange, yellow, etc. :)
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  • My bridesmaids will be wearing red! :)
  • Black is what my bm are wearing. They are picking their own styles though.
  • my girls will be wearing hunter green. (hunter green and ivory are my colors) i can't wait to get their dresses, all of their skin tones will look awesome with the green!
  • We're sticking with black and white as our colors, so the BM's will be wearing black dresses. I'll probably just let them pick out whatever style they want.
  • My girls are wearing a Platinum Gray and my flowers are Dark Purple, Red, and Orange :) ...I hate fall themed weddings with leaves and stuff.  It looks to crafty for me.
  • ^^ what a beautiful combo!!! 
  • <div>Colors are - Chocolate Brown and Burnt orange</div><div>Flower- Orange calla lilies and wheat</div><div>decor- wheat, wood, burlap, white and orange pumpkins and candles </div><div>we are doing a rustic modern wedding</div><div>
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    [QUOTE]Any ideas on what color your bridesmaids dresses / wedding themes are????? Just curious!
    Posted by niccmoeexo[/QUOTE]
  • the colors for my bridesmaids are marine blue dresses with ivory roses. Small bouquet, but long stems so there can be a nice cloth wrapped around the stems...thinking silver or marine blue...
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  • My bridesmaids will be wearing a jewel tone violet, my maids in espresso and my matrons in kiwi! Calla lillies and orchids in those colors will be everywhere. The mood is romantic - elegance and the theme is "The Perfect Blend"
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  • This has been SUCH a struggle for me!
    Originally, I wanted to go with the vintage lace/burlap look. I chose the David's Bridal Rosewood color with light brown suit. My future mother in law doesn't want the brown suits, she wants black... From there, I chose the new David's Bridal Bluebird with the black suits with ivory (since my dress is ivory). Now, I am going for the more vintage victorian look with lace etc. I still "eeeehhh" about the black suits... I just hope this all works out!!!!!!!!
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