Metro West or SS Restaurant Reception

Looking for suggestions for a restaurant with a function room that could hold 30-50 people. Possibly for a Saturday "lunch" after a morning ceremony.

Re: Metro West or SS Restaurant Reception

  • What about wayside inn in sudbury?
  • Marcellino's in Waltham has two private functions rooms that hold up to 120 people (one holds up to 60).  Each room has private bathrooms and bars.  They will do buffet, family style or individual meals.  I know because I just met with the owner on Friday to look for my bridal shower :) 
  • we had our wedding reception luncheon (buffet) at the chateau in waltham.  not the greatest neighborhood, but they were very accomodating and the room had been recently renovated.  we fed 75 people for about $2300.  room rental was only $50 or $100 - you wont find that anywhere, most are several thousand.

    i dont usually post here so PM me if you have questions!!!
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