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Staying Hidden at Outdoor Ceremony

We're planning on having an outdoor ceremony in a location that is fairly open.  I need some help with ideas on how to stay hidden until that moment right before I walk down the isle.  Our wedding is not super traditional but this is one thing that we are adament about.  He can't see me.  I also don't really want anyone else to see me walking from my changing area to the ceremony site.  Has anyone experienced this?

Re: Staying Hidden at Outdoor Ceremony

  • How about a golf size umbrella draped with organza or any other seethrough curtain like material down to the floor, like a moving canopy which you can hide under until the time is right, have a groomsman carry it. and if you are out of the box there's always those greco-roman enclosed seats,with 4 to 8 people carrying you around :)
  • I'm running into a similar issue. We're planning on having the ceremony in the backyard of a large vacation home. We thought about having the bridal party, including me, ride from the front of the house to the back where the ceremony is in a few old old luxury cars. Or having the large staircase leading down to the backyard be a grand-grand entrance. Those ideas fit with our theme and maybe you can get some inspiration from them! Good luck!
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  • I was worried about this too. 

    I decided that I want my dad to drive me from the hotel straight to the location.  He will drive up to the "end" of the aisle with my door facing everyone, get out, come open my door and walk me down.  Then me and fiance will walk back to the truck and drive away to take photos. 
  • I was at a wedding in September that was kind of like this. She stayed in the car blocked by windshield covers etc until it was time for her to walk down. 
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  • I was at a wedding where all the bridesmaids stayed in thehummer- limo until it was our turn to walk down the aisle.  The limo pulled up to the aisle so when we exited we were right there.  The pictures turned out wonderful because the groomsmen lined up and helped us out of the limo before walking down.  No one saw us AND we stayed air conditioned fresh until we got out :-)
  • We'll be able to stand in the coach house until we're ready to process, but that's also where the bathrooms are so if someone has to pee pre-ceremony they'll see me. I feel confident that the world won't end.

    Fi and I are doing a first look, so that part doesn't make any difference to me.
  • I was a BM in an outdoor ceremony and she hid behind some bushes that were along the edge of the ceremony site. You could see her and her dad walking for a pretty fair distance before the aisle but there was still the big "presentation" moment when they turned at the right spot.

    We are renting a horse-drawn carriage - one of the few splurges I begged for. I'll ride in it with the top pulled up and it will stop right at the end of the aisle, where my two "bride's attendants" (not BMs but still honored guests) will help me step out of it, hand me my bouquet, fluff my train, etc. Then at the end of the ceremony, FI and I will be getting in it and riding out of the park to do a few block circle while everyone clears out so we can come back and do pictures.
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  • I'm lucky that we're able to stay inside and just step out the one side door less than a foot from the end of the 'aisle'.
    I have however been to a wedding where the bride was driven to the end of the aisle before and it was a great lead up to seeing the bride :)
  • I've seen a few pictures of outdoor weddings where the bride used a beach cabana/tent type thing to keep her hidden. 
    Click here to see the pic on my pinterst board (srry- the image button isn't working for me!)
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  • My venue has a bunch of tall wicker room dividers, so I can hide behind those until the moment I walk down the aisle with my Dad.  I'm going to have the ushers stand on either side and open them as Canon in D begins playing... that way no one will see me waiting while the BP walks.

    Good luck!
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