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Groom's Cake

As corny as this may sound, i wanted to get a grooms cake made up of our dog, russell.  we bought him together when we first moved out about 2 years ago..he is such a big part of our little family and we always say that we wish we could take him everywhere with us, especially to one of the most special days of our lives !!! so i decided to have a grooms cake made up of our baby =) curious if anyone has done this with their own?? how did it turn out ?? I would love to hear what other ideas you girls have come up with for your man !! It was so hard to think of anything else but the dog that we share;; my fiance really doesn't have any hobbies...we work all of the time, and when were together we just love being with eachother as a family (dog included) so i thought this would be a great surprise....

Re: Groom's Cake

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    Grooms' cakes aren't popular around here but I know in other regions they are very common. I think it sounds like a good idea if he really loves your dog.

    I've heard of people doing it a couple ways. Sometimes they do the groom's cake at the wedding reception along with the wedding cake. I've also heard of people doing the groom's cake as dessert for the rehearsal dinner the night before. I think either way is fine.

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  • Groom's cakes are pretty big where I'm from.  My FMIL wanted to be in charge of the groom's cake, so I have no idea what it's going to be like.  I'm pretty sure we're serving it for desert at the rehearsal dinner.  

    If I were designing it, I'd probably do something with his school or with golf.  I've seen hunting ones, as well as a Disney one before.
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  • DH's groom's cake had Sparky the mascot at Arizona State University on it.  Big hit with his ASU friends and my friend who was a professor at ASU at the time.

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  • You're going to eat your dog!!?
  • I surprised my husband with a groom's cake at our rehearsal dinner and he loved it.  He was super surprised and it was great!

    The baker made a sheet cake with a raised Bart Simpson all decked out in Phillies paraphernalia.  Our wedding was on game 3 of the World Series and the Phils actually won which made it even more special.
  • Grooms cakes are not very popular  or even heard of in Wisconsin where my FH is from but they're a must have here in Alabama. He thought I was crazy when I asked his what kind of grooms cake he thought he might want, until I showed him pictures. I'm trying my best not to be too controlling over "his" cake but we both love the Green Bay Packers and have chosen to have a grooms cake that is a complete 3D replica of Lambeau Field where the Packers play. It will be the stadium in 3D down to the metal bleachers, goal post, lights and sky boxes. He loves the idea and it's a way to have one of our biggest passions represented. I would never consider having the grooms cake at any other time but the reception. I haven't heard of it being served any other time than the reception except on here. I think your idea is great as long as the cake isn't red velvet cake like in "Steel Magnolia's"....
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    [QUOTE]You're going to eat your dog!!?
    Posted by Jinxed329[/QUOTE]

    Ha that wouldn't bother me, maybe because picture cakes are really big in my family, so it's not uncommon to be eating someone's face on their birthday.

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  • I think that is an adorable idea! My fiance told me years before we got engaged that he wanted a death star wedding cake... I'm hoping he forgot his comment and I plan on surprising him with a death star groom's cake at the reception. 
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  • my sis in law birthday cakes have faces on it cool cake
  • I think it's a great idea!My fiance has played football his entire life so i'm incorporating all of his teams in the cake with a jersey, 3D helmet and 3D football. I think a groom's cake should be something your fiance enjoys and is special to him and it sounds like one of your dog would be perfect! I have seen groom's cakes at rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. I prefer the wedding reception because there are more people who can admire the cake, epecially after spending so much money on it!
  • As long as you're okay with potentially cutting into your dog, I'd say go for it.  However, shaped cakes can get expensive fast.

    I'm personally not a fan of realistic people/pet shaped cakes because of the whole "I'm cutting off the top of your head and eating it now" stigma.  And it sometimes makes for some very bizarre photos of babies being lobotomized and 3-legged puppies with no nose.

    Now, putting an edible image of a picture on a cake doesn't bother me.  I guess the picture is enough of a disconnect.  Just shaped cakes seem to bother me.
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  • Yeah Ive been thinking and i dont know if cutting into my puppy is tacky or not.. As much as we would like him to be there..Lol. So i have a new idea..He just bought a motorcyle a few months ago..got his license and everything. its his new hobby lol so maybe il get a picture of his bike and do that for the grooms cake... better idea??
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