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Sorry to double post but...
I was just wondering if anyone was doing anything the day/morning after your wedding?

I was thinking about having close family and a few friends up to FI and my new house to have some brunch, do some visiting, and open some presents before we head to the airport later that night to fly off to the HM. I just want to spend a little more time with family and friends before we race off. The last two wedding (they were family to me) invited us to these events the day after. It was a word of mouth thing for OOT family and close relatives. I was going to keep it pretty easy with food- store bought or ask my mom about pitching in.

What do you think?

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    I was planning on doing something like that.  One of my friends did that after her wedding and really enjoyed it.
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    My FSIL did that, and opened all of her gifts with imeadiate family and BP, if they wanted to attend.  They all really enjoyed it. 
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    Could this just be a word of mouth thing or an invite thing?

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    we did this...not with presents though, and not at our house, at H's parents house.. it was unofficial. since we had so many OOT guests, everybody just gathered before they left...it was nothing official, so we didn't do invites..i wouldn't think invites would be necessary, and WOM is best...otherwise it might be too formal.

    just word of advice: i spent most the day crashed out in a guest room since i was so exhausted from the day before..so don't plan for it too early ;)
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    We were recently the hosts for such an event... I think the idea ia great just please don't have a WP member hast (I know you  never suggested this). You could have easy things like muffins and coffee and people could come by prn!
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    We are across the water from seattle so a lot of OOT family wanted to go to Seattle and go to pikes place market and around downtown, so we thought the day after the wedding would be great since we don't leave on our HM until 2 days after the wedding.

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    We're holding an open house at my parents the afternoon after. We're letting our guests sleep in after all the booze consumption, lol!
    We're telling guests now, I put a page up on our wedding website to get the word out there. And of course at the wedding we'll be spreading it around as well.
    It will probably mainly be WP, family and OOT guests. Thats what I'm thinking, but if more show up, great!
    I love the idea too! We are going to serve hot dogs and hamburgers, alcohol, of course, and leftover yumminess from our rehearsal dinner.
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    We're having an informal get together with our families/OOT guests on Sunday afternoon after the wedding. Both of our families are coming from OOT plus lots of OOT friends, so we're just doing an open house with food from Costco. Very casual, and definitely just word of mouth for us! :) My mom really wants us to open gifts then, but we'll see-- I feel a little AW-ish making people sit through that. 
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    i'm sure there will be an informal breakfast/brunch with all our family and friends that are staying in the area.
    when my cousin got married, we had a huge breakfast the next day, and they opened all the presents, and then we spent the day on the lake. it was a lot of fun, and totally casual since it was with the family mostly.

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    I really want to have something with just close friends and family but I'm nervous that we'll be so exhausted that we'll just want a day to sit and relax. I need to put more thought into this. :) Not sure if our apartment would be the right place but I'd love to open all the gifts and hang out with OOTs.
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