IATSE Ballroom?

Has anyone every been to or had their wedding here? The pictures look nice and the prices are pretty reasonable, so I'm really just wondering what the catch is, heh. 

Re: IATSE Ballroom?

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    I have never been to a wedding at this location but I have been to one at The Oaks and to a christening and First Communion at Antony's, the related properties, and loved all events. The spaces are nice and the food is very good. In fact, we have tossed around Anthony's for a RD.

    Could the catch be the location? When I was at the wedding at the other location, The Oaks, I kept saying to my mom that is was such a nice wedding, too bad about the location (over looks a cemetary, limited parking, no nice views to have anything outside, right up against a busy road).
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    Yeah, it is possible that it's the location - it's right off 95 by the Ikea in South Philly. I mean, that's not a terrible area or anything, but it's certainly not pretty, heh. Which is fine because it's not like we're having a ceremony or anything because it's our second reception. I'm waiting to hear back on if there is a room rental fee/how much it is. I have a feeling that might be the catch, heh.

    I'm glad to hear that their other spaces were good though! I had considered both because they are not too far from our house, so I asked for info on those as well. The IATSE Ballroom is just more similar to what our first reception space is like, so I kinda wanted to stick with our more modern theme, rather than get too traditional.

    Thanks for the info! :)
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    Thansk for the feedback Eagles! I heard back from them today, and was surprised that there is no room rental fee! I'm def going to check it out, I think it might be perfect if it looks anything like it does in the pictures. :)
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