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Late Night Snack?

Although I'm planning on having tha traditional dinner buffet with chicken and beef and a few sides, I wanted to do something to set my wedding apart from others I have been to! SO I thought about having mini cheese coney's as part of my hors devours along with a few other favorite foods of my fiance and I's.

Well, I went to a tasting tonight and realized how big the mini cheese coneys actually are, and now I'm thinking that it might be too substantial for hors devours. I'm only having a 4 hour reception, so there's not much time for a full cocktail hour.

This lead me to think that maybe I could do the mini cheese coneys as a late night snack. I was wondering if anyone who has done this or has seen it done could give me some feedback on whether they think it works out well, and how exactly it is structured within the reception. I don't want waste a bunch of cake because people are full from the snack, nor do I want to pay for the snack and everyone is too stuffed to eat it because of dinner and cake! What do you think?
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Re: Late Night Snack?

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    I think it's a great idea!  Maybe even have some "to-go" containers for those who want to take it with them?  I would LOVE to take home a cheese coney late at night!  YUM!!
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    Wonderful idea!

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  • Ashes_3Ashes_3 member
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    I think it is a good idea, and as pp said, have some to-go boxes!!
  • cincy32011cincy32011 member
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    I've attended a few weddings where they had late night snacks, and it's always been a huge hit.  You can look for to go boxes, but from our experience, with all of the dancing (and drinks), the food seems to go pretty quickly!

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  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    I have been to a few weddings where they do these snacks at the end- you just have to judge your crowd. If they dont know its coming, they might leave and not get them. I went to one where they had the icecream sundae bar at the end and there were only like 30 people left - they paid for everyone. Just make sure you watch the crowd.

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    I would love that if I were a guest at your wedding....yum!

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    Yeah, I went to one and it was alll yummy "drunk food" french bread pizzas (cut up into pieces) and stuff like that...but agree with pp...dont count on everyone being there for it...serve it like a half hour before your reception ends for all the hardcore dancers who might need a snacK :)

    This is funny bc I went to a wedding last Saturday and made my fiance drive through skyline after bc I was craving it...not so good for the bridal diet but DELISH..
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    I think it is a great idea! We are doing a late night snack and we are so excited because both of our families are late night partiers so they will love it! I know I am always hungry after a few hours of dancing!
  • HSchallHSchall member
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    We got married two weeks ago and had mini coneys for a late night snack.  The guests loved it but I do wish that we had thought of to-go boxes.  Our venue gave us the option of providing a guest count for the late night snack that was half of our total guest count for the event.  We did not do this and just went with the total guest count.  I would say we could have saved some money by going with half of the total guest count and would have definately had enough food.  I would also add that after our meal we served mini desserts (mini caramel apples, macaroons, cupcakes, etc.) and popcorn (butter, parmesan and carmel corn flavors in little popcorn boxes) with the coneys closer to the end of the night.  The biggest hit was actually the popcorn--guests loved it and kept asking for more.
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    We're thinking of doing milk and cookies as a late-night snack.  It's a small wedding, so most of the guests will be family and will stick around until the end.  His family LOVES milk.  I think it'll be a hit.

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    I have seen a trend in pizza being delivered as the late night snack.
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