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What Not to Do with your E-ring?

Hi guys,

My ring is brand new and I still have that feeling of needing to protect it, so...

My e-ring is rhodium plated white gold with diamonds. I'm a swimmer and was wondering, is it safe to take into a chlorinated saltwater pool? What about the ocean?

Is rhodium plated white gold really that vulnerable to the elements? Or should I stop worrying about it?

Also, are there any other occasions where I should remove it?


Re: What Not to Do with your E-ring?

  • ive had several white gold rings and ive never had that many problems with it. My engagment ring is 18k white gold and the only problem im having is it's making my finger itch. I have heard of white gold wearing down and turning yellow pretty easily(depends on your body chemistry and what you do) but it's an easy fix. if you have an extended warrenty they just dip it in rhodium again and it's all white and shiny all over again, but I haven't had any problems. I had a 10k white gold promis ring which I did everything in and had no problems. The only thing to worry is if your ring is to big, especially if your hand gets cold it will be easy to slide off your finger.

    Watch your ring for the first year and see if it yellows and how quickly it yellowed if it yellowed. Otherwise your fine. If your ring has bagetts or emerald or assure cut diamond center than be aware that if you shower with it on it may look dirty after(just extra soap that got stuck on the bottom of the diamonds) my ring has bagettes, rounds, 2 pear shaped and aprincess cut sapphire for the center.
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    I wear mine in the ocean (I  work on a boat).   It does dull after time especially on the inside part, but not enough for me not wear it.  I did have it re-dipped for my wedding so it looked all new and shinny.

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  • I avoid wearing it in the ocean just because the thought of it slipping off scares the bejeezus out of me!  I also wear gloves or take it off when I lift weights because the metal from the bars can scratch it up.

    My ring is white gold as well and it's held up well.  I'm getting it re-dipped before the wedding and will probably do that about once a year just to keep it looking nice. 
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  • I don't wear mine in the water becuae I'm afraid of it slipping off.

    IMy wedding band is 18k white gold and I've owned several other white gold rings and have never had a problem with it turning.  However, this is my first new piece (all the others are vintage) so I'm keeping an eye on it.
  • I would probably be leery of taking it into the chlorine pool - I am sure you are aware of how much that stuff damages hair, skin, etcetera...but you should be fine with just ocean saltwater. Clean it regularly.

    You may have to get the ring re-plated with rhodium once a year or so if you want to keep it looking really white and bright. Rhodium is in the platinum family and VERY hard so protects the gold as well as whitens/brightens, but still wears as time goes on. Some like the bit of yellowing that happens though over time (which happens for some faster than others). Also, 18K may look more yellow as the plating wears off more than 14K would as 18K has a higher gold content vs. white metals (as there is no "white" gold - just yellow gold mixed with other "white" metals...18K white gold for example is 75% gold mixed with 25% silver, palladium, etc...and 18K yellow gold is 75% gold mixed with 25% copper, etc, 14K white gold is 56% yellow gold mixed with 44% white metals, etc - gold is incredibly soft on its own which is why they mix it with other, harder metals).

    My wedding band (we skipped an engagement ring) is white gold with rhodium and I plan to wear it for most everything unless there is a risk of losing a finger or something. I have had other white gold jewellery and have never had a problem.
  • I take it off when I'm doing things like showering and washing dishes, baking, etc.  Other than that, I rarely take it off unless its work related ( I'm in a lab) or I'm lifting without gloves at the gym. 

    It will need to be replated, probably once a year if the yellowing bothers you.  The gentleman who plated my ring for me told me not to do it too often, bc stripping the rhodium and replating causes a thin layer of the gold to be stripped off each time you have it done.  This can thin and weaken the band over time. 
  • I'm less worried about the ring slipping off (my big knuckles do a good job at keeping it on), but I don't want to lose the stone. Sure I could lose it anywhere, but the thought of my diamond going down the drain freaks me out. So yeah I take it off during showers, doing dishes, etc.
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  • Does yoru ring come with any kind of warranty through the store it was purchased from?  I own several white gold rings and as long as I am getting them regularly inspected through the warranty offer I got with them, if anything should happen to them, the store will take care of it.  If you do not have a plan like that, I would definitely heed some of the advice above.
  • my mom lost her original wedding band in a swimming pool. she looked everywhere for it and other hotel guests helped her. she thinks one of the guests probably pocketed it because she couldnt find it anywhere and it was a small hotel pool. i wouldnt wear it in the water, it would be too easy for it to fall off.
  • I've been wearing mine 24/7 for almost a year and a half.  I *only* take it off to put my CHI serum and volumizer in my hair, and then it goes back on, together with the wedding band.

    I wear it in the shower, to do dishes, in pools, on vacation, in the city, while making pasta dough, baking, and earlier today to change the tires on my car.
  • I take it off when I make meatloaf.
  • I have been engaged since last november.

    My ring is white gold (rhodium plated)...I work in the hospital...so by wearing gloves alot...and I never take it off...it has had to be replated twice.

    They say hard water can make the gold show through sooner too.. I think to be safe you should just get a insurance plan with it.

    my jeweler has a peace of mind plan...where if any of my pavee or center diamonds get loose or come out...it will be covered. And it is free to get it replated when need be.

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  • I don't wear mine near water at all (not in pools, or while doing dishes, in the ocean, etc).  I'm worried about losing the ring or the stone.

    With that being said, white gold jewelry can easily be re-dipped.  I have an extended warranty on mine and get it re-dipped every 6 months or so. 
  • I take my ring off (even though I don't want to) every time I shower, clean, workout, play with clay or other crafts with the cousins, cook, swim, play in the snow, anytime I am around a lake, and a few other random occasions. Even though I do have an extended warranty and can get my white gold ring rhodium plated anytime, the thought of losing my ring...is horrifying, so I like to try to keep it safe.

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