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Help with my guest list!!!


My fiance and I have been looking for venues and started putting together the guest list. Ideally I would've loved for this to be a small intimate wedding, but  it looks like that's not happening.

My guests come to about 500. We have been going over this, and I am willing to cut my guest list but his family is not willing to do the same.

I have thrown out the idea of giving out passes and making this invitation only, but his family thinks its rude to turn people away who don't have a pass. So now, I'm a little overwhelmed.

Any suggestions as to how we can cut the guest list a little without anyone feeling bad?

Re: Help with my guest list!!!

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    In my opinion,  it all comes down  to your budget.  If the budget is fix,  then only one of two things can happen.  

    A.  You can have a small intimate wedding.  You can have all the nice things like fresh cut  flowers, nice meal like steak, chair covers, overlays, party favors,dj or band, video, photographer, photo both, etc.

    B.  You can have a large wedding.  You will have to cut corners and keep things simply.  That might even mean a large room during the afternoon that where everyone gathers, eats snacks, and a couple drinks. 

    At the end of the day,  I think money speaks is the deciding factor. 

    Good luck!


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    I was in the same boat because I have a huge family but what worked for me was having an Adult only recepction. I know a lot of my family wont show up because they will get offended if they cant bring their kids and honestly i dont care. It's my wedding and my decision and its not that hard to schedule a babysitter(plus it brought our $$ way down not having kids and it can now go to having a more decorated venue, flowers,photobooth etc)  As long as my parents, brothers and my fiance are there that is all that matters. It is your day and if you have the budget to have that many peoplle then kudos to you but if you dont then it's seriously time to really ask yourself who do you want to share your special day with. Hope that helped...Good Luck!
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  • Handing out passes seems rude in my opinion, it's not a circus or movie event. If you and fiancé are paying for wedding, you decide the guest list, cut it down to closest friends and relatives, put this on invitations RSVP cards: __seats reserved in your honor (you enter number of seats in blank) And have them mark if they're attending or not, that way there's no confusion and they won't invite extra people, etc.
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  • Thanks! This helped me figure things out in my wedding!
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