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Rant sorry

ok so my FI is completely amazing and super supportive.. well that is till it comes to my MOH. she is moving to cali in less than a month, and he keeps saying well i bets shes not even going to come back, you cant expect her to come back, thats not fair just tell her not to come back. 
her and i have talked about it and she is coming back for my wedding. if he didnt like her i could understand but they get along quite well. so i have no idea where this is coming from. it just frustrates me so bad. gurrr

Re: Rant sorry

  • Do you think she's said something to him so that he could break the bad news to you?

    If she's assured you she's coming, you just need to tell him to pipe down.
  • A little weird, but I bet its just his nerves... He probably just wants everything to be perfect for you and is scared that this huge part could go wrong.

    I woudn't worry about it. If she promised she is coming back, then she is!
  • Sometimes guys think they are helpi by telling you the worst possible scenario that could happen. Meanwhile all they are really doing is ticking us off and making us feel bad mad sad or nervous. H is probably thinking of the million things that could happen when a friend moves far away. Tell him that your friend has promised that she would be there and he needs to shut up about it. And whatever happens happens.
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  • my H was overly sensitive about "putting anyone out" or people spending money on him/us for the wedding....to the point that he apologized to people that they had to get fitted for a tux (whenever they could during a month window)...and stuff like that.

    could be your FI is feeling this way a bit.
  • thanks ladies. i talked to her just the other day she has made an appointment for her dress. but hes still not convinced. idk im just kinda confused about the whole thing. i love my moh and i totally believe her when she say i will be there come hell or high water. but its still hard to take when he keeps saying that he thinks she wont come. 
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