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Day before wedding beauty

So, I am planning on going to the salon on Friday to get mani's and pedi's with my bridal party. It was just going to be my MOH, and two BM's(best friend, and FI's sister). I'm going to invite FSIL(FI's sister-in-law) also, who will be in town staying with FMIL .  She's not in the wedding due to the fact that she just had a baby, but I wanted to include her because we're close.

Jason's mom, and my mother are going to be taking that day off as well, and I don't know their plans. Should I invite them too? If we're being honest, I really don't want to. I'd rather it just be us youngins.

I just don't want to hurt FMIL's feelings. I know it won't hurt my mom's feelings. I can be honest with her and tell her "mom, I love you, but this is just going to be my friends' and I's day". She will get it. FMIL, I am not that close with her yet.

I just don't want it to look rude when I blatantly invite her daughter, daughter-in-law, and not her.


Re: Day before wedding beauty

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    Honestly, I think that is a decision that only you can make.

    I didn't see anyone except my MoH until the Rehearsal on the day before my wedding.
  • cfibelkorncfibelkorn member
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    I just wouldn't say anything about it and if she brings it up say "Oh Im sorry it was just meant for my bridal party but I would love to go get mani and pedi's with you when we get back from the HM" or something like that
  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I would think they can understand you having a spa day with your BMs.  I did the same thing, thought about inviting the mothers, and then like you, decided I didn't really want to.  If she says anything just explain it's for the bridal party.
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    Ok, thanks girls.
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