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Any recommendations or reviews on these vendors?

We just booked Brookstone for our March '12 wedding, and are looking at their vendor package to see whether or not we want to go with it.  It's a good price point for what's included, but I wanted to see anyone's worked with the following vendors.  Any advice/experience/reviews are welcome!

\Black Tie Limousine
Get Down Tonight Entertainment (DJ)
Jacques Fine European Pastries
Fresh Water Farms

Ford Flowers

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can give!


Re: Any recommendations or reviews on these vendors?

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    i haven't used any of them..but I can tell you that you're going to get RAVE reviews from everyone about Jacques. I heard that it's the best cake ever!
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    Black Tie Limousine-  A+ used them for other occasions

    Get Down Tonight Entertainment (DJ)-  Cant stand any of them.  Been to many wedding with them and none of the people in my family or friends likes them

    Jacques Fine European Pastries-  They charge an arm and a leg for flowers and I'm pretty sure you can get a better deal with Fredrick's and their cake is just as good and a better price I think.

    Fresh Water Farms-  Haven't heard much about them.

    Ford Flowers- I've heard they are overrated and expensive.  The salon I used to work for used them for a few functions and to decorate over the holidays and they have since changed.

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    Let's see...

    I used the following:

    Black Tie Limo----absolutely fantastic to work with.   Our limo driver was great and so helpful even in the church....we didn't have a coordinator at the church so he took over....I can't say enough about how great they are.

    Jacques------ PERFECTION in a cake!!!!  We didn't pay as much as everyone seems to say they cost.  Didn't liek Fredericks cakes so it was worth it.

    Get Down Tonight----We used Nick.  My husband and I loved him.  He knew exactly what we wanted and didn't want just from talking to us for a little bit.  I would recommend them. 

    I have heard Fords is extremely overpriced and not as good as you would think for what you are paying   We used A Vintage Rose in Methuen, MA and they were great
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    I've heard very good things about freshwater, they are right down the road from the country club. 
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    We used Bob from Get Down Tonight.  All I can say is that he was amazing.  The dance floor was hopping all night long.  Any of my Knot wedding crashers would be able to confirm that.  Laughing
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    Jacques is awesome! They did my shower cake  (red velvet) one of the best cakes I've ever had! It was moist and had the perfect sweetness to it!
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    Jacques is a great bakery, in my opinion.  They're located in my hometown, so I grew up with them on special occasions (graduations, etc.).  While I haven't dealt with them regarding my wedding cake yet, my family (and others that I know) have always been very pleased with their work, their professionalism, and their yummy cakes!  I would highly recommend them- they're a local place that does incredibly high quality work. :) 
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    We used black tie limo. Review can be found in my bio. I highly recommend them!

    I got a quote from Rhonda at Fresh Water Farms.... it was the highest quote I got out of all the florists I visited AND she wanted to charge me MA taxes because my reception was in Mass. Um NO no one else wanted to do that but her. I bought your services in NH, you made them in NH, just because you are delivering them to MA does not mean you can charge MA tax. We did not go with her.
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    I guess it just depends on your taste because we get our cake included with our package and it's a choice from either Jacques Pastries and Creative Cakes by Debby, so at our tasting we got to try both and I personally did not like Jacques cakes at all. They have amazing designs but the cake just isnt what I expected. I would go try out their cakes before you make any decisions.
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    Thanks all!
    This has been very helpful! I really appreciate the input!
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    We went for a cake tasting at Jacques Fine European Pastries and booked them on the spot!!! Best cake I have ever tasted and they have so many yummy options and came in within budget!

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    We have booked Drew from Get Down Tonight.  Saw him demo at a bridal show and he did a good job, so hoping he'll be good at our wedding. 

    Considering Jacques for our cake, but haven't booked so far.  Their designs are beautiful though.
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    FORD FLOWERS is Awesome! they are pricier but it has the best quality!

    get down tonight i am not a huge fan off, they are very standoffish and do NOT interact with guests/MCing. however MAIN EVENT has DJ'd some of the craziest most fun wedding receptions I've ever been to, and ive been to a TON! :)
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