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Veil or no veil?

so i am undecided about wearing a veil.. are you suppose to wear one? do you have to wear it all night, even after the ceremony?

Re: Veil or no veil?

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    Wear one if it goes with your dress and you find one you love. Otherwise, no big deal.

    I am wearing one for the ceremony only. It will come off before we enter the reception hall.
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  • Wear one only if you want to.  This may sound crazy but the veil  is what made me feel like a bride, not the dress.  I wore mine all night long.
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    [QUOTE]Wear one only if you want to. <strong> This may sound crazy but the veil  is what made me feel like a bride, not the dress</strong>.  I wore mine all night long.
    Posted by HobokenBride2012[/QUOTE]

    Same here.  Although my BFF unhooked the veil from my headband because she thought I wanted it off after the ceremony.  I didn't put it back.
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  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    You do not have to wear a veil.  If you choose to wear a veil during the ceremony, you are not obligated to wear it during the reception.
  • I agree with making you feel like a bride. I loved my veil, but I had some jewels on the back of my dress and my veil snagged a ton. I eventually had to take it off as soon as pictures were over, but I did love wearing it. Just try one on and see how it feels and if you like it.
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  • It's up to you whether you wear one or not.  If you don't like the idea of a super long cathedral length veil, then consider a shorter one or a birdcage veil.  Or you could choose to not wear one.  It all depends on what you want.  

    Also if you decide to wear one for the ceremony you can take it off for the reception if you want to.
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  • aro1589aro1589 member
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    I'm wearing one.  My wedding is very traditional, and to me, nothing says tradition like a veil.  I'm also wearing mine in front of my face on the way down the aisle, which practically no one does anymore. 
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  • aragx6aragx6 member
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    I'm just wearing a headpiece -- no veil for me!
  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    You can do whatever you please.

    I didn't wear a veil, I thought it was weird to wear tulle on my head on one day of my life when I never do that otherwise.  But lots of girls love the tradition/custom.

  • Fresh flower! We have a flower farm outside of town where we're getting our flowers, and I guess dahlias will be in season next June. Yay! Not only will it be pretty, but it will smell nice and potentially cover up my wine breath if I get stressed out and start drinking at 9am! Yay!!!

    Seriously though, I think it's a beautiful vintage look. I used to do the flower thing all the time when I was performing lindy hop. And I think the veil tradition is a little antiquated from the days of arranged marriages --- that you cover your face until the end of the ceremony so that your groom won't run away if you are not to his liking. Blech.

    Plus, veils can be extremely expensive. If you have room in your budget for it and you like the look, go for it.
  • Aks3131Aks3131 member
    Wear one only if you want to. I did not wear one.You could wear one just for the ceremony and then take it off or wear it all night. Do whatever your most comfortable with. There is not set rule on wearing a veil. There are a lot of other hair piece options that don't include veils. I wore a headband with rhinestones. There are flowers or hair clips or bows.
  • I dont think I am going to wear one..Right now, I want my hair done in some form of updo and might use flowers or a tiara..oh, and Michaels crafts actually has veils!
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