photog timeline??

Below is the timeline my photog suggested. So I'm paying for 6 hours and you get a 30 minute break before the ceremony starts and a break where I feed you? Don't you think the time they aren't taking photos should get tacked on to the end of the evening? WTF? If I take an hour break at my job I have to make up that hour later...is this normal?

1:45 photographer arrives (will photograph your gown, shoes, details, activities in bride's room, & getting ready at this time)
2:45 first sight (bride & groom only, private moment)
3:00 bride & groom formal photos
3:30 wedding party formals
4:00 family photos
4:30 break - bride tucked away before ceremony
5:00 ceremony
5:30 to reception
6:00 dinner??? (this part is up to you! :) I'm just guessing!)
7:45 photographer departs

Re: photog timeline??

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    she isn't asking you for a break i don't think.. and i'd think she'd be shooting people arriving, you peeking on what is going on.. and if she is asking you to give her a break, tell her tough luck and you'd like her to shoot guests and fixing last minute stuff. :)
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    I agree with Sarack... I don't think she is asking for a break, just stating there won't be anything for her to do. You can always confirm with her. It is normal to give your vendors working all day dinner. No one wants pictures of them eating any way. She could also be stating that 6pm is when dinner is served.
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    i agree. I think she meant that its a break of her taking photographs of you.  Definately clarify.  And super nice of your photog to break it down like that.  I figured that I was something I would have to do for them
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