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Military Brides

Elope or ceremony?? That is the question.

Being a military couple, it is both beneficial and convenient for us to elope.  Planning a wedding is very difficult, as we are not stationed together.  We are thinking about eloping or having a destination wedding and a "re-wedding" if you will, when our situation is better.  But, we are struggling with the idea of not having all of our fam and friends there for the actual thing.  Any help on how to make this easier? Or, advice on which to go with?  Thanks lovlies :)

Re: Elope or ceremony?? That is the question.

  • KimL23KimL23 member
    edited December 2011
    My husband and I did this. We were living in California with all our family living in Massachusetts. We weren't planning on getting married until 2011 but we found out we were moving to North Dakota and we wanted to be married before he got his orders so we could live on base, i would get spouse preference for work, etc. So we did a JOP wedding in California with just our friend, my fiance, and I. Although our family wasn't there, I wouldn't change it for the world. We spent the entire day (which was on Christmas Eve) just enjoying each other and not having to worry about anything else. We are planning a vow renewal for next April which is when we were originally planning for and we're going all out with the white dress, bridal party, flowers, etc. The only thing we are not doing is a registry. If people want to get us gifts, we won't refuse them but the point of our renewal is to celebrate with our family and friends and not to get gifts. I wish we were waiting for a milestone anniversary such as 5 year, 10 year, etc for the vow renewal but we had already signed a contract with our venue for 2011 when we eloped.

    I think you should do whatever is going to make you happy. Good luck!!
  • calindicalindi member
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    edited December 2011
    Perhaps you can do an arranged elopement?  My parents have always told me that they wish they had eloped, and they'd never stop me from eloping but that they HAVE to be in attendance.  Perhaps invite parents and siblings to join you for your wedding ceremony, then do a bigger vow renewal where you wear the white dress and all when it's more convenient?  At least then you'll have the nearest-and-dearest with you.  You don't have to 'elope' somewhere exotic, either - you could do it in your parents' garden or a nice park or on the beach or something simple and then go out for a nice lunch with everyone.

    Vow renewals are controversial on this board, but I'm not opposed to them as long as they're treated for what they are (not having an already-married couple claiming they're just engaged).



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