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Wedding is over! Reviews in....!

We were married June 4th in Falmouth at the Coonamessett Inn.

Coonamessett A+.... They could not have improved on ANYTHING! Brad ran our wedding--- go talk to him... he will make everything you want/need/desire come true! The food was amazing.... we did filet and baked stuffed shriimp.... the chowder is the best on the Cape ( everyone raved!) and the mud pie and dessert options are insane.... your guests will be FULL! The accomodations are very Cape Cod ( they just re-did all of the guestrooms a nd they have pretty new furniture-- very beach like in blues and whites).... from the moment we go there, to the rehearsal dinner to the moments before the wedding ( Brad running in and delivering me champagne)... to the servers making sure the bridal party is fed during the cocktail hour and the very last dance and Brad packaging up all of my leftover cupcakes for a late night snack.... they are AWESOME!! Also, we had an after party next door at the Nobska House--- great live music and then a DJ.... we totally took over the bar and everyone was more than happy to help us celebrate. You will not be disappointed!!

Special  Event Beauty: Rachel and Noel for H&M A+  My hair and makeup came out better than I could have fact I gave Rachel a vague idea of what I wanted and she hit it perfectly! All of the girls in my wedding party loved their h&m.... Also, they travelled to the Cape at 5 AM without any complaints to get us all done up for an 11 AM ceremony. They are so sweet and fun.... and do amazing work!

Steve Binder DJ: C+  This may be partly my fault as we did not meet him before we hired him.... however everyone told me how great he was and not to worry etc etc..... Well, he had been at my venue setting up all morning and not once came over to introduce himself.... until 30 sec before we're to be announced and he has all these questions about what songs to bring my parents in to and how to pronounce names ( I sent him a list with ALL of this)....  He set music on for the dinner and then left to go eat HIS meal... meanwhile the music was terribley staticy... I finally had to ask Brad what was going on.... he dealt with it.... not Steve. He also missed a bunch of songs that my husband requested.... nothing too out of the oridinary... but played some things NOT on our list as well. He then made the last song OUR first dance song..... we had not planned for another slow dance to END the night. I would definitely try someone else.

Tammy from Casablanca Florals B+ Her communication was only fair leading up to the wedding.... I sent her many photos of inspiration and she never really commented back... just said "It will be beautiful"... well, she was right and the flowers were beautiful... however not exactly what I had asked for... but I was happy. Although, most of the boutanaires did not make it through the photos.... they were all falling apart. She also left my bouquet which was wrapped in fabric floating in a huge jug of water... needless to say the fabric got soaked and got water all over my dress the minute I picked it up. I asked her to wrap the BM flowers in a satin I sent her..... she did, but left the edges all ragged.... didn't look great.

Tammy from Scratch Cake A Tammy made me amazing cupcakes!!! They were so beautiful and the display was gorgeous! All of the flavors are really unique ( we did cookies and cream, key lime pie, red velvet and strawberry cheesecake)-- even the pie flavors had a graham cracker crust and the filling was SO good. She also left individual bride and groom cupcakes for us with this gorgeou fondant design of a tux and wedding dress..... so very sweet. Also, her prices and product are a million times better than Casual Gourmet which we originally looked at!

Photography- Agnieszka  Wormus from A Brilliant Photo A+++ Just go look at her website..... she is amazing.... she actually moved after I booked my wedding and still flew back to the Cape for me.... she is SO sweet that she really seemed like a guest I WANTED at my wedding and not a vendor.... I am happy to send more information on her if anyone is interested.... she is the BEST there is.... she also took over 2200 photos! Her prices are SO worth it compared to what other photographers will offer you.

Trolley By Tes A The trolley added SO much to my wedding... we loved it!! So much fun and it makes for gorgeous photos! Tes is so super nice and helpful... she held my wedding train off and on the trolley and made sure the wedding party was entertained ( allowed beers on the trolley as well!) She also has the cheesiest ( but awesome!) music that she plays during the ride to the church. You will love her!

Re: Wedding is over! Reviews in....!

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    WOW! This is great!!! I'm getting married at the Cooney in 39 days and you have me SUPER pumped!!! THANK YOU!!!
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    Ndruley--- I'm jealous!! I want to do it ALL over again!! Your wedding will be amazing..... Brad is the best!! :)
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    Thank you for the reviews! I think Agnieska's work (a brilliant photo) is absolutely stunning. I contacted her in early February of this year to try and book her for my June 2012 wedding and she was already taken! UGH! heartbreaking. But she recommended someone else to us who I'm sure will do a great job, but I did have my heart set on her :)


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    sorry to hear Steve Binder was not amazing! he was absolutely perfect at our wedding (and in  the other vendor reviews written recently). thanks for honest reviews! congratulations!
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